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  1. Oh yeah! Especially since Jimmy said they had cut their concerts short to check out the clubs in L.A.!
  2. There's only so much Jimmy will allow to go public. After all, he did say he had "A lot of skeletons in my closet"? He likes to keep some parts of his life private.
  3. That was a really cool idea! I wish I was here when you started this! I want one!
  4. Are you kidding ,e? Queen? No, no, a thousand times no. Do we want to hear from a bunch of gay guy, or from some very manly men?
  5. Well, I suppose my 17 - year - old daughter beats all of you. She remembers a time when she was crying. She says I put a pacifier in her mouth, but that didn't help. There was music playing in the background. She stopped crying and listened. It was "Ramble on" that was playing. She liked it ever since. She thought it was her dad playing because he can play quite well. But it wasn't him playing. Ever since then, she has developed a passion for guitar. She now plays, sings, and cries. And, get this, her name is Darlene. She compares herself to the girl in "Goin' to Californis". She wrote a poem about it. Let me know if you want to see it. It's really good. When I was young, in the 70's in L.A. the radio station was GIVING away concert tickets! Now you can't even get one from what I'm hearing. I also have a 10 year old daughter who loves Robert. Yes, virginia, there ate still some young Zep heads out there. Cool!
  6. My daughter read an article which states that Jimmy and Bonzo would disappear while Robert and Jonesie wrote the lyrics and the music. By the time Jimmy and Bonzo got back, the song was ready to play. Robert said this happened quite often. She also believes "Trampled underfoot" was written by Bonzo because of the references to a car.
  7. What's with all the intensity? Good grief! You all sound like a bunch of Kindergarteners! Someone definitely forgot their chill poll this morning! Hello! Let's bring the ball back into the ball park, okay? Can't we all get along. It's true, though, opinions are just that unless you have some cold, hard facts to back up what you say.
  8. Did you see how huge her thighs were? Or was that muscle?
  9. Think about it, people. How many of today's bands actually play instruments? I work with school-agers, and their idea of "real" music is computer-generated. Gag!
  10. That's great! Was either one of them there to accept? I heard them sing that song. Robert still can move!
  11. I, too, noticed a lot of complaining about the Foo Foghters and the Grammys. The real star that night was JPJ. I turned it off after that performance. Does anyone know if LZ got any recognition that night? That's why we're here, right? Because this is OUR band. I thought that was so wrong that LZ didn't get any recognition. At least what I saw, anyway.
  12. OH NO! you did not do that! That was sooooo wrong in so many ways!
  13. That's a personal question! I think that's overkill. That's like asking about his sex life! He would probably call you a "pompous git" or a hooligan!
  14. I saw that, too. Did he forget to pull up his zipper? Was he expecting company?
  15. If you'll notice, Jimmy holds it a lot lower. I'm guessing that's a more comfortable position. Just try playing a guitar in a higher position for 2 or more hours. I'm sure that's why he held it in that position. Plus, he knows how to hold a guitar. He looks graceful, yeah?
  16. california girl

    Jimmy's Hair

    Why do I get the feeling ther's a connection between his divorce and his addiction? Or whatever he wants to call it. Didn't he start experimenting with the stuff the same year as his divorce? Hmmm...
  17. I'd have to say, the band, Chicago. 1979. My sister and I were at the L.A. street scene. There was a lot going on that day, and everything was free, so we went and stayed for the concert. It was great. Although, before that, led Zeppelin came to the area a few times. I remember, because the radio station was GIVING away tickets. It seems ironic to me, because, these days, we need to enter a lottery just to be picked to go see them. My brother wanted to ga in the 70's, but he didn't know the radio station was giving away tickets. So sad!
  18. Don't know which bios you're talking about. I do know that he was disappointed in one that was witten about them. Heard it in an interview. As far as the interviews I've seen, the only ones I saw were the "'02 arena" ones. In those ones, he looked happy, and excited. We didn't see very many interviews here in the states until recently. Unless you count the ones from "Rollingstone" or "Guitar world". We don't get to see very many live interviews with him here in the states , so you'll understand if I don't know as much as you do. I didn't know he was shy. But, If you say so. Maybe he was shy as a boy, but we can't tell these days, can we.
  19. How much do you wanna bet he can play "flight of the bumblebee" or "The devil went down to Texas"?
  20. Really? He's shy? wouldn't have guessed. Yes! Please post it! I've got to see this one!
  21. "Deliver flowers"? I get it!
  22. Thanks for the info. That's the answer I was looking for.
  23. He looks better when he smiles. He should do that more often.
  24. He was just being Jimmy. You know how hw likes to mess around. He was such a clown! I like the one of him in the Dolly.
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