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  1. The beard made his cheeks look puffy. I would look okay if he trimmed it a little. Did he even own a mirror?
  2. Can you believe it? Some Moron told "Rollingstone Magazine", in their recent issue, that Jimmy looked like the quaker oats man in the recent issue with the three of them on it. The one before the '02 concert, I mean. What a moron!That's one quaker I like!
  3. It's not hard to make if you know how to sew, and you have the right pattern. I made one for my daughter. Now she wants another one because she saw Jimmy's.
  4. I just love that dragon suit? Anyone know where he had it made? The detailed stitching is impressive! I do a bit of embroidery, and I can tell you, that must have taken a lot of time to stitch. Unless they had one of those special machines that can embrioder.
  5. I think he likes having his picture taken. That's good. Have you seen the ones where he flips off the photographer? I saw those in guitar world here in the U.S. He was on the cover with the Black Crows in 2000.
  6. Those of us who know him, anyway. I think he was a sweetheart. Still is.
  7. Obviously, your friend has no clue about Jimmy. I think the reason he kept his hair long was to hide his face. I wouldn't "dis-friend', though. Just explain the "Jimmy hair". Don't get mad. He did look better than most girls. And that's a compliment! I wish I had those lips! At least my daughters do.
  8. I noticed that. too. It looks like he was in a lot of pain.
  9. I like it! You could actually see his face. That guitar was bigger than him! Unbelievable! He came a long way, eh?
  10. Are you kidding me? My big brother had a Led Zeppelin III album, and I used to play with the wheel, too. How wierd is that?
  11. The way I heard Jimmy put it in an Interview, Jeff's sister went to school wigh Jimmy. One day she came home and told Jeff there was "This bloke that I go to school with, and he plays guitar like yours". Well, when Jeff heard that, he asked his sister where he lived, and then he went to his house, and the rest is history. So you can thank Jeff's sister for getting them together. I think they were 13 or 14 at the time. Son't quote me on that, though. Talk about B.F.F.!
  12. No! No! Not guitar hero! In my opinion, that would taint their art. Besides, none of these kids could keep up with Jimmy's work. Should they include a bow?
  13. I'm still wondering why the band allowed a car company to use "Rock and Roll" for a car commercial. It just doesn't sound like something Jimmy would agree to.
  14. Which concert was this? Where? When? Did he dress like that on purpose? Was he drying to get a rise out of people?
  15. Wait until my daughters see these! They insist he doesn't have a bum.
  16. It would have to be Jimmy for me, too. I think it's because of what I read about him in articles and interviews. Also, what I've seen in their videos. Definitely Jimmy! I like a guy who's funny, yet sensitive. That's the way he comes across. To me anyway. And who can resist those lips? They're still kissable. He's only 18 years older than me, but I don't care! I only hope I can find someone like him sometime in my life.
  17. The only wedding song of Led Zeppelin I can think of is "All of my love".
  18. I like it when people get confused. I don't care what these people say!
  19. Actually, when I said Shambolic to another oerson here, he knew what it meant, and he laughed. I must say, though, that my daughter knows what a "lemon" means, thanks to Robert. And "Garden " has a whole new meaning.too. So when I tell her to "watch out for those lemons", she blushes. Then we start talking about "lemonade", then it gets funny. Thanks Robert. And, thanks for the offer. I'll surely ask.
  20. Thank-you. I will now proceed to use it, because I know a lot of Gits. I'm already using his other words such as, "Shambolic", and "Mondo Bazarro". Thanks guys for the language lesson.
  21. Thank-you. I think that's the word I was looking for.
  22. In the words of stevie wonder, "You nasty boy!". my teenage daughter said she wouldn't want to run into him in a dark alley.
  23. Then why, pray tell, did he sing songs about blue-eyed girls?
  24. I have a daughter who looks like Jimmy. Only thing os she's not bony. I have another one who has robert's hair. Except it's not blonde.
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