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  1. That wasn't aimed at you.
  2. Does anyone know what this word means? I don't want to use it if it's a bad word. I heard Jimmy say it in an interview when he was talking about the person who, "nipped my guitar at the airport".
  3. He was just asking to be kissed with those pout-pout lips, wasn't he?
  4. That's the uniform they wear when they play cricket. He was probably just messing with the guitar during a game. That's Jimmy for you. Always fun to be around. That's why I like him so much. He's so Funny!
  5. Where did you find this one? Do tell.
  6. Pleeeeeease! No speedos until he eats!
  7. Hate to burst you bubble, but-no-you're wrong. Jimmy said in an interview that "Ramble on" was written as a trubute to j.R.R. Tolkein.
  8. Gollum was a slimy lizard that lived in a dark cave and fed on flesh. He tried to eat Bilbo in the Lord of the Hobbit. You would know this if you read the book.
  9. Does anyone know if Jimmy still paints, draws, etc.?
  10. Did Jimmy design his dragon suits? Are they one-of-a-kind, or can we order them? I think he designed them.
  11. Don't listen to thos meanies making fun of Robert's appearance! Give the guy a break! It was a special day for him. You didn't seem to mind seeing him with an open shirt and too-tight pants onstage! That's his look, so deal with it!
  12. I love the last one! I love the way it captures his intensity. And his hair.
  13. does anyone know where Jimmy got his green amulet, and where can I get one? Looks like a snake coiled around the stone. Thanks. A close-up picture would be great.
  14. OMG! You mean he painted it?! Brilliant!
  15. I remember reading an interview where Jimmy said that he did write the earlier songs, but he wanted Robert to write them. Then I read somewhere else that Jimmy and Bonzo would disappear while Robert and Jonesie wrote song Lyrics. By the time Jimmy and Jonesie came back, the song was done. Even now, I can tell which songs were written by robert. His songs are a bit -explicit, shall we say?
  16. Ditto on that! Happy Birthday, Jimmy. We all love you. You're a genious! Pure genious!
  17. He does! Saw it on their self-titled 2-disc set of concerts. He's such a goofy dancer. He looked cute, though.
  18. Don't say "offspring"! You make him sound like a roach!
  19. Is that what he was dressed as? Looks like Jimmy to me. My daughter wants that hat and those boots!
  20. You know, you may be right. His ankle does look like it's in an awkward position. I could see the pain on his face. But still, the show must go on!
  21. Then why did he keep singing about blue-eyed girls?
  22. Somebody give him some food! Please!
  23. He must have been incredibly hot to do that. Physically that is.
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