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  1. Own a white dragon outfit as well as a black one?
  2. I just joined today, so that makes 2 of us. Unfortunately, I was in L.A. when they came through in the 70's. I was just a kid. I say unfortunately, because that was the disco era, also, and that's what I was interested. And I wasn't allowed out of the house unless I went to school. But I did share the '71 earthquake with Jimmy. I was in Los Angeles, and he was in Hollywood. I was 9. you do the math. It bounced me right off my bed. He didn't like it much.
  3. Now it's 3 days. Happy birthday, Jimmy!
  4. There's one thing I know. And I got it from one of the guitar magazine interviews. It came from Jason via Jimmy. Jason is Bonzo's son by the way. He said that Jimmy and robert, and Jonesie showed their fantasies, but the way they showed bonzo was the way he wanted to be seen. As a family man. I'd hade to get hit by that guy! Ouch! Jason is 40. Jimmy has a daughter who's name is Scarlett. She's 40, and she's a respected photographer. You can google her, but you'll only see her work. I'm sure she looks just like him. Are you kidding? With thos long lashes, pouty lips, and long, thick hair he had? I had a dream about her once. Very pretty. It's nice to find someone who has the same interests as me. Hope this helps. Oh yes, Robert has a 13-year-old son who plays drums. He says Robert can't play very good.
  5. I read an interview that Jimmy gave to Guitar world magazine. He said that he was from Surry, and that he, Jeff Beck, and Eric clapton lived within a 3-mile radious from each other. He also said that Jeff Beck's sister went to school with Jimmy, and she told Jeff about this bloke who played guitar, and the rest is history! I don't know about the other guys, but I sure would like to find out.
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