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  1. Do a Mini Stage like Earls Court... that's what you need...
  2. Yes and No... Yes: HTWWW is better in sound quality an delivers the "perfectionism" of what Led Zeppelin was about to project while playing. It really takes you like it was played yesterday. No: The bootlegs always offers "AS-IS" policy in what happened and what was played. Also, the sound quality drops a lot, but you get that atmoshpere that the "crowd fade in & out" between songs doesn't. You get unadultered and unedited songs, plus material not released officially. Also, you won't get the "Knife of Perfectionism" by Jimmy Page.
  3. I'm about to made a compilation of Led Zeppelin Live in 3 CD's using the official material remastered by Kevin Shirley. Each CD peaks at 1h 20m, and I have the set list here (taking the song order from various 72, 73, 75, 77 & 79 performances): ---------- :: Disc 1 :: ---------- TSRTS - The Song Remains The Same TSRTS - Celebration Day LZDVD2 - Black Dog LZDVD2 - Nobody's Fault But Mine HTWWW - Over The Hills And Far Away TSRTS - Misty Mountain Hop TSRTS - Since I've Been Loving You TSRTS - No Quarter LZDVD2 - Going To California LZDVD2 - That's The Way LZDVD2 - Bron-Yr-Aur
  4. The show played at 6/11/1977 had one of the best No Quarter's from the 1977. It is available in both Audience and Soundboard versions. That show, for me, is the best from the MSG 1977 days.
  5. 1975 - 3/27 LA Forum 1977 - 6/27 LA Forum
  6. You have to go song by song comparison, but everybody knows the base of each recording... LTTE is The Song Remasin the Same, while Badgeholders is No Quarter... I would adventure to make the very best of all Millard's tape recordings of the 77 Forum...
  7. Don't think so... Page did the 10 CD Box set before the individual CD becuase the box set is remastered at sterling sound with George Marino on credits... the same as the individuals
  8. I made one some time ago for my Avatar... pm me
  9. 08-04-79 - The Best!!! 07-24-79 - Second Best!!! 06-29-80 - Third Best!!! 6-23-77 6-21-77 6-25-77
  10. There is less hiss in the Led Zeppelin II CD from the Box Set. The sound is less thin. That's what I remember.
  11. It is present in SILBY, HotH, The Ocean, Night Flight and TYG. May be present in more songs... you have to turn up the volume to hear it...
  12. Ok... this is mine... when I was a kid, with two sticks on my hand and playing... well, seriously, doing some shit with drums without any idea how to play, my brother-in-law bring me a tape of TSRTS that was broadcasted in VH1 around 1990-1992. When I saw Bonham playing Moby Dick, my Jaw STUCK!!! I can't believe how this guy played with his bare own hands and play such a wonder drumming. I really wanted to play like him... I even wanted to be like him... or better, to be him. So I took very seriously learning by ear and watching other drummers too. Every time I had to be near a drummer, I
  13. Thanks to many greedy people, I have listened many of the greatest moments in Rock And Roll History. Thanks to those fans who don't profit for their long hours of working in their hobbie, I listened the best posible sound from the best band in the whole freakin' world. Both people, greedy and fans, has done something to push Led Zeppelin in track. Page used bootleg recordings or bootleged sources in the 1997 BBC Sessions and the 2003 Led Zeppelin DVD. Plant has been looking for some bootlegs too. Bootlegin' is a touchy subject, but I don't care... thanks to bootlegs I never imagined what
  14. Bonham was "right" saying that No Quarter was a fucking horrible song... Stairway is a fucking beautiful song.
  15. They should do a tour in the most important places in the history of the Band/ 1. San Francisco 2. Los Angeles (LA Forum & Longbeach) 3. Seattle 4. Boston 5. New York (MSG) 6. Cleveland 7. New Orleans 8. Dallas 9. Australia (2 or 3 shows) 10. Japan (2 or 4 shows)
  16. I agree with you... it was a horrible decade... just trashed away... For God's Sake... just the freaking make-up in the girl's faces and the Zebra-Leopard-Tiger textures... don't know what was on the mind of fashionists... really an orgy of animal skin in their sick heads!!!!!
  17. OK... ok... I have right now... (checking online bank account)... $60.00 in my bank account... Sixty american dollars... who gives more???
  18. That video... oh, Houston... well... what you expect from that video? I think will be something like the Kingdome 1977. Nothing new, the same clothes maybe... but a better performance... if I have the CD's, why should I bother with the visuals?... ... ... ... Damn it!!!!... ... ... ... WHERE IS THE GODDAM VIDEO?????
  19. I think Jimmy did finished the second part of the detox program, because that night played the best version of Ten Years Gone, a great No Quarter and Achilles Last Stand and the other songs were played good.
  20. He did not killed himself... he stroke with his own vomit. The one who could die during that period was Page, which had a few brain cells in his heroin system.
  21. 5 shows in no particular order 1. 1971-08-07 : Montreux Casino... absolutely the best show of Plant. 2. 1973-07-28 : Madison Square Garden (The Rain Song)... beautiful. 3. 1972-06-25 : LA Forum 4. 1971-09-14 : Berkeley, California 5. 1970-06-28 : Bath Festival
  22. I would change the bottle with castor oil... instead of being drunk and sleeping, awake and alert. Sounds like a joke, but it doesn't. Believe me, it works. If someone is drunk, change the drink to castor oil... will not drink in a few days if is brave.
  23. Well... maybe the video really ROCKS, but the version of HTWWW pulverize the TSRTS version.
  24. Advise: Buy it from a local store. Open the contents and revise it. I bought several years ago the 4 CD Remastered Box... and I opened the package that came sealed in front of the cashier... and one of the CD came scratched. They did bring me another box wich not have the damaged
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