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  1. mor7mx

    Zeppelin Cd's (Vinyl Replica's)

    I own LZI, II, Houses Of The Holy and Coda, I'm still collecting the rest of them. The only japanese cd that I've seen that's not a vynil replica is the 4th album... I wonder if there's any?
  2. mor7mx

    How old are these Led Zep fans?

    I'm 20 at the moment
  3. mor7mx

    Best Album of 2007?

    That's the best album in tha last 2 years, but still, it was not released in 2007, so I don't think it counts in this thread
  4. mor7mx

    TOOL Thread

    That's too bad... I've only seen some audience videos, the show looks amazing, but I agree that they are very cold with the audience
  5. mor7mx

    The Ten Club

    You're right, a bit different, but it contains many great songs
  6. mor7mx

    The Yes Thread

    I was fortunate enough to see them live, in the closing date of the 35th anniversary tour, next to Dream Theater. What a night, I never really thought I could see them live, but it turned out that they even played Awaken :D:D
  7. mor7mx

    Is there anybody out there?

    Both 2006 tours were kickass!!!
  8. mor7mx

    A Band's Defining Song

    Cranberries - Zombie Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall / Money Incubus - Drive Cream - Crossroads And a LONG list of examples
  9. mor7mx

    Best Album Poll

    My personal favorite will always be Led Zeppelin II
  10. I don't think the credits are mixed in 5.1...
  11. Well I saw Roger Waters and it was not disappointing at all, in fact, it was the best concert I've ever been. Sure, Robert's voice is not the same, but I'm sure the music quality will be intact...
  12. mor7mx

    Knebworth '79.

    Wish I'd been born then XD
  13. mor7mx

    "Led Zeppelin Live" DVD-VIDEO

    The concerts included partially in the Led Zeppelin DVD are now available as individual releases... Knebworth 79, Earls Court 75... Besides, we now have the complete concert from the Madison Sqare Garden