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  1. Pink Floyd is the best band EVER. My top 5: Pink Floyd Led Zeppelin Yes Tool Pearl Jam
  2. I had the opportunity to go to a "Heaven And Hell" concert here in Monterrey, Mexico. Mr. Iommi's class is exquisit...
  3. I'm a huge fan of Radiohead, and I REALLY think In Rainbows is their worst album since Pablo Honey... No more comments
  4. Even Flow - Pearl Jam 2005-09-02 - Live At General Motors Place, Vancouver, Canada
  5. mor7mx


    People underrate other Zep songs due to Stairway to Heaven...
  6. mor7mx


    Talking of boots... anyone know a good site where I can get some??? I only have like four gigs...
  7. I really don't think this will happen... not after all these years...
  8. That sucks big time... In the other hand... Pink Floyd's box set will only be released in the UK
  9. It was about time if you ask me...
  10. That's the way rumors get started, a guy who isn't supposed to give information talks too much... xP
  11. My answer would be: Yes, they are. Led Zeppelin represent what Rock And Roll is. As they say, you search for Rock And Roll in the Encyclopedia and you find a picture of Led Zeppelin there XP This is really weird for me, my favorite band EVER is Pink Floyd, however, they will never be remembered as the best band ever, because they were not rockstars. Led Zeppelin defined how a rockstar should look, what they should do, how they should act. Led Zeppelin is the ultimate band, full of passion, guitar riffs, excellent music. The most important, their music evolved as they did, getting better and better, more complex, but also with more of a concept... They really are the ultimate Rock And Roll band
  12. I haven't found the collector's Edition here in Mexico, only the regular 2 DVD edition. Is it easy to get one there in the States? or is it too limited?
  13. I had read before that it was going to be a NEW song, but reading these just clarifys the issue xP
  14. The Les Paul has a diferent sound from the other guitars. I guess it's due to the pickups, but also because the body of the guitar is heavier. Les Paul is a good option because of its peculiar sound, however, whatever Jimmy chooses to play will sound awsome, I'm sure about it!
  15. mor7mx

    Best Album Poll

    It's the most progressive rock song they ever released. It really rocks, different from everything they had done. Still, I don't think it's their best ever
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