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  1. Might you read this: Have an amazing birthday and rock hard today!

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Regards from Brazil !

  4. Long time no see Diana-Loura.

    Well, since you are logged in right at this moment, here's one to inspire you.........hope you haven't seen it before.

    Great picture of you btw.

  5. hi there fellow pollock.

    i too am polish, born in canada, both parents from poland.

    k, just wanted to say hi.

  6. Just saw those covers you did of Zep and Sabbath thought they were great. :)

  7. Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a good day.

  8. wow i love it... nice work
  9. thanks everyone really im glad you like it :)Jimmy has the most perfect face to draw or sketch. i have lots of fun doing it, besides i don't feel like drawing anyone else... at home when my family sees that im working on a new drawing they rush to see what it is and they're always like " aaaah it's that same guy again" but what can i do it's not my fault
  10. Thank you it feels so good to be back
  11. i worked on this today at work , it's not finished yet
  12. Hello it's been a while i haven't checked out the forum and this thread and i see i missed so many great pics, Jimmy is still the most beautiful man... aaah how i miss being here i wish i had new pics to post for you all... 10000000000 kisses for our Jimmy
  13. at last im back again from a long trip , i see i missed lots of pages of our lovely Jimmy i went through them all and what can i say... it's great to be back
  14. Thanks everyone i feel a lot better now that you like it oh and the painting is 70*50 cm
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