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  1. Well I was there. Even though I am one of those people along with most of this board that think Plant should be back with LZ, but I really enjoyed myself. I of course went to make sure I get to see Robert live incase he don't go back to where he belongs., so I didn't know what to espect. The show was very fun though, and I'm glad I went. Feel free to post if you went, or just comment on Plant and Krauss or whatever you want.
  2. Yea... id wish he was back with Lz... where he belongs
  3. meme88822

    Plant wins Grammy

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But he got it after I had aready tuned it off. O well... Least he got it!
  4. I deffiantly wouldn't go. Zep ain't Zep without it's golden frontman.
  5. Besides the obvious...(Led Zeppelin) The Beatles (including solo) Bob Dylan Eagles (plus solo) Bon Jovi Bruce Springsteen Elton John Journey Lynyrd Skynrd James Taylor REO Speedwagen The Who That's all I can think of for now...
  6. Mine's a weird story kinda. I noticed the boy at my school that I like has a LZ shirt with the laturn guy on it. So me and one of my frieds were talking and she said I should listen to them bcause she is one of his friends. So I looked up Stairway to Heaven. I didn't like it much at first but after listening to it about five times in a row it grew on me. So the next day when I went shopping I bought Mothership. And I've been listening to them ever sence.
  7. I know everyone on this board is gonna sue me on my pick, but I voted Steve Perry as best singer...His voice was good throughout his full career and Plant's voice slightly weekend over time. I'm not saying Plant sounds terrible...because like the rest of you I've seen vids of the O2 show. He DOES still sound good. With that said I DID vote Page as top guitartist. Please don't take this the wroung way. Zep is one of my favorite bands event though I haven't been a fan for very long. And I'm not saying this to start a war...I'm just saying it how it is in my oppion.
  8. Sean Lennon is Oct 9...o well... Happy bday Jimmy
  9. 16, but I just got into them a few weeks ago.
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