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  1. I was fortunate enough to find Led Zep III on vinyl at a thrift shop for under a dollar 15 years ago. The cover has a spinning picture that rotates under the main cover...is anyone else familiar with this version? Was it the way all the albums were originally released or was it limited? It looks great and still plays beautifully.
  2. My friend came over this week and said, hey, every time I'm here it's LZ III you've got in the player...not I, not II, always III. Yeah, I say.. it's cus it rocks and breaks my heart simultaneously. And Gallows Pole is just brilliant!
  3. Couldn't identify more with all of you who are feeling obsessive about the Zep! Lost my job in November and had a trippy night with LZ III shortly afterward...literally wept when I was listening to That's the Way. I feel like I've been too distracted from the essence of life and they are reminding me of what really ignites my passions. Can't get them off my stereo...actually I live in a three-story home and each floor has its own stereo and each stereo has its own stack of LZ CD's nearby...my husband is totally amused. When he and I first met I asked him what he was like as a teenager, and he said as a teen he thought all of life's mysteries could be answered in Led Zeppelin songs. I thought that was totally sweet, and now I've dug out his whole collection and I'm playing them 'round the clock. I find that they are becoming so spliced with my consciousness that I have these weird hypnotic dream states in which I hear their lyrics rippling through my mind as I am half asleep. It's so divine to succumb to art so wholly! We are lucky folks.
  4. the Last Picture Show (I love this movie...it's got such great melancholic, tuneful ambiance)
  5. Ooooh, it's got to be the Physical Graffiti for me. Just rung in the new year with the first disc before midnight and the second disc after midnight.
  6. My husband downstairs playing the new Mario game on his Wii..I better go put some tunes on!
  7. I'll admit it was an infectious song...like in the same way that tuberculosis would be.
  8. Yup, the same one...but I never read anything prior to The Wild Trees.
  9. Thinking about love and feeling grateful... and for my husband trying to learn to play "That's the Way" for me on his guitar, fumbling but beautiful.
  10. I would have to say their music has given me such inspiration and invigoration; I've been listening to tons of jazz over the years and it was time to get my rock n' roll back on, and boy have they done that for me in spades! Their music goes straight to the center of my body and they give me this sense of magic, mystery, decadence, wonder, and dirty dirty thoughts. I feel like I've got this teenage boy living inside my 37 year-old woman-self who just wants to listen to rock music and get laid. It's a nice life!
  11. Currently reading two books: The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley -for my fantasy quotient- and The Wild Trees by Richard Preston, a fucking fantastic book about climbing the redwoods and giant Sequoias out West and studying the tree canopy....totally captivating and informative. I'm a book addict, worked at a bookstore for ten years until November when the store closed and I became unemployed...so now I'm milking the system for all it can give me and reading everything I've stockpiled over the years. And of course enjoying copious amounts of sex, drugs, and rock n' roll. Who says you can't relive your teenage years??
  12. HA! I'm loving these threads...you guys all have a wicked sense of humor.
  13. Wow. Thanks for sharing this story...sweet and sad...I'm so impressed by his tribute. Now if only I can get the chance to hear him play live with the rest of the guys someday!!!
  14. Huh??! How can you even question a song that moves the pelvis as much as this one? The beat is so demanding and relentless and the song just soars. I love it.
  15. Whole Lotta Love because it rocked my bones upon first listening, and every single time since.
  16. Wow, Kashmir is in the lowest percentage...but it's so hard to choose, and my uttermost favorite -That's the Way- isn't here. But I just love them all in different moods and feelings.
  17. III's song "That's the Way" makes my hear melt and ache and just moves me in this incomprehensible way... it reminds me of who I am.
  18. I lost my job in November and the time off has allowed me to have a religious experience with Led Zeppelin that was long overdue! I'm 37, don't know how I managed not to get into the band before this except that the fates were conspiring to save them for this free time in my life...I ended up baking all my Christmas cookies to Houses of the Holy, and they were the best-tasting cookies I ever made...rock n' roll does add flavor to life, don't it?! No music has ever made me feel so profoundly sexy and full of life...I dearly hope they know that even now, decades later, their music is turning new people on in a visceral, carnal, beautiful way. The Led Zep III song "That's the Way" in particular speaks to me deeply....like listening to it reminds me of who I am. Like it was out there waiting for me to get laid off and become newly inspired to remember where my priorities in life should be. I hardly have the words to express how greatly this song has affected me...
  19. Where to start? When I first saw footage of his guitar playing, I felt his fingers between my thighs first, and then the music moved outward from there... (panting...)
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