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  1. There's some fan encounter photos of RP on the Shropshire Star website here... plus one very funny story about Robert and a child's pushchair. http://www.shropshirestar.com/2007/12/fans...plant-pictures/ Ric
  2. I believe JP was at art school at the same time as both Sandy Denny and John Renbourn, maybe Jeff Beck too. Can anyone confirm this? (I know he and Beck go waaaaay back). Ric
  3. There's been several Zep pieces used recently on BBC trailers, as well as the one you mentioned, Whole Lotta Love was used for a sports trailer before Christmas and again for the Pop Brittania trails... and remember that version of Kasmir the Beeb used for the 2002 World Cup? That rocked!
  4. I saw him queuing in the rain for something to eat... can't remember if it was a candy floss van or a pig roast bap thingy! John Renbourn is a really nice guy - very generous and thoughtful. We have a mutual friend who is another guitarist, a real JR enthusiast and student. I have seen JR play several times over the last 20 years or so, and he always recognises and chats to my wife and me when we make ourselves known after the gig. Ric
  5. A colleague at work knows Robert quite well, and has the opportunity to chat to him from time to time. I've also spotted RP around various Shropshire village fetes, etc - three times over the past few years but never quite had the nerve to say hello. No encounters with the others, yet... but I have met John Renbourn several times. As well as an influence on JP (along with Bert Jansch), JR's 1988 duet album The Three Kingdoms (with Stefan Grossman) was produced by JPJ. Ric
  6. Yeah... happy belated birthday Jonsey.......... but sorry to disappoint everyone, Phil Lynott's birthday was actually 20 August, which he shares with Robert rather than JPJ. He was actually just one year older than Robert. The world lost Phil on 4 January 1986, which is perhaps what the earlier posters were thinking of. Cheers Ric
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