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  1. Well worth a listen for any fan of 70s rock. The new album revels warmly and gloriously in its theme of growing up listening to Zep, Hendrix, Bad Company etc, with each song paying tribute to the era in some way.
  2. Check out the Union http://www.theuniononline.com/site/ There's a new album out though you'd probably find their first more bluesy. Peter Shoulder, the lead singer has in the past collaborated with Little Milton and is the third Englishman - the other two being Eric Clapton and Peter Green - to win the WC Handy Foundation award in Memphis for co-writing the American blues song of the year in 2006. More importantly - the music is great. M
  3. Just listened to the Union's new album which is streaming on their web site: http://www.theuniononline.com/site/ It's another fine collection. Think you'd find one or two songs are very Zeppelinesque. Personally, can't stop singing Make up your Mind. M.
  4. Thunder have performed plenty of good covers as live versions, album tracks and singles. Their version of 'In a Broken Dream' is a great performance and one that I prefer to the original.My link
  5. Can't think of a singer who I'd rather listen to more than Danny Bowes. Real talent + zero cliched rock star mentality = rare integrity indeed. No need to explain further - just listen. What a shame the greatest male voice around will not be heard after the summer, apart from perhaps an occasional guest appearance, while the airwaves will be filled with more famous yet far, far weaker talents.
  6. I'm a huge fan of the acoustic set and will never tire of listening to the How The West Was Won version - not just the music but the vibe it creates. At first I was a little dissapointed that it was omitted from the O2 setlist but I think the set was probably more appropriate for the three hour shows Zeppelin used to play. Introducing even one acoustic song into a shorter set, especially a one off, can disrupt the pace and flow of a concert. I wonder if for those marathon shows of the 1970s, the acoustic set had a secondary purpose of giving John Bonham a rest (while Moby Dick gave Robert
  7. In a general media sense - Led Zeppelin up until the announcement of the O2 concert. It's been interesting to see bland media-types who can't see beyond the likes of Madonna, Rod Stewart, Elton John, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones getting to grips with just how much Led Zeppelin mean to so many people. The publicity they gained over the last couple of months - many times more TV attention in this period than than I can remember seeing in my entire 30 years of being a fan - seems finally to have put into perspective their musical significance and hopefully kicked into the dust that erroneou
  8. In no particular order, ten essential 'hard rock' albums: Physical Graffiti - Led Zeppelin Who's Next - The Who Exile on Main Street - The Rolling Stones Live 'n Dangerous - Thin Lizzy Fire & Water - Free Strangers in the Night - UFO Live in Munich 1977 - Rainbow Back Street Symphony - Thunder Smash Hits - Jimmy Hendrix Disrelli Gears - Cream
  9. Limiting myself to ten favourite singers of popular song and the ones I'd argue to be the best... in no particular order: Aretha Franklin Marvin Gaye Robert Plant Danny Bowes Frank Sinatra Louis Armstrong Joni Mitchell Ella Fitzgerald Paul Rodgers Mavis Staples As for my ten least favourite singers: Madonna Neil Tennant Liam Gallagher Ronan Keating Chris Martin Kate Nash David Gray Simon Le Bon Ian Curtis Celine Dion
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