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  1. Z88.... not a big mystery ...... Z = Zep pr Zeppelin and 888 is the year i was born
  2. Seven stars - Uriah Heep
  3. Led Zeppelin DVD 2003 The Song Remains The Same (2007 remastered)
  4. The Girl I Love Got Long Wavy Black Hair - BBC Sessions
  5. Jimmy is one of the best performer and guitarists of all time. We can't say that he's the best, but he's close. And we can say that there's a tie for 1st palce (a big one). But he's no doubt my favourite off all.
  6. I've been reading "The Rough Guide to Led Zeppelin" and from time to time parts of "The Lord Of The Rings" 3 books.
  7. Don't Wanna Miss A thing -Aerosmith
  8. The most beautiful Aircraft(s) ever made.
  9. .....what can you do....
  10. I'm a big fan of The Clash, the best Punk band ever............at least that's my opinion.
  11. That's not true. 1st ---- They're no better 2nd ---- LedZep is... 3rd ---- I'm a Zep fan and i like the beatles
  12. Very cool. Nice band... good guitarist.
  13. I'm a Fan of LZ, and not a very familiar with RS work, but i do have the "Exile on Mayn St." album. Both are great albums, but for me Physical Graffiti takes the mainly due to 4 songs: Kashmir Trampled Under Foot Down By The Seaside Houses Of The Holy
  14. Ritchie Blackmore is a great guitarist, and so is also Deep Purple specially the MK II. It's a shame that they didn't stick together.
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