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  1. What ever happened to Evster2012 ? anyone know
  2. gina62

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Its so crazy how I feel like he is a part of my family, do a lot of you feel the same way?
  3. I was watching True Blood too it surprised the hell out of me I was so excited!!!! I was telling my kids about it with a grin from ear to ear, I know they tired of me ranting but o....welll!!!!!
  4. gina62

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Happy Birthday Pagette!!
  5. Turned 50 in Sept, been in love sense 1975
  6. Yes the swagger, he dances across the stage like Jimmy Page. The bow ,the suits....
  7. I have had alot of good times through my life.My late teens have a special place in my heart,moving to cali...ect. I look forward to the future not to have phobias and anxiety,to have that freedom to just go again.Even still I have had great times with family and friends. Turning 50 is a little scary,but I don't feel 50!!
  8. Happy Birthday Jimmy !!Hope you have an awesome day,you are the best !!
  9. WOW was awesome !!,Seeing Robert so emotional made me feel that way too I think it did bring it full circle the song STH just shows how america loved and still loves this song. Its strength and feel good and spiritual all in one !!!! :)
  10. My brother had one back in the 70's don't know what happened to it . was from Boulder Colorado, I think at the time bought it from import store don't remember the name .
  11. gina62

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    It is so beautiful !!! Thanks !!
  12. Yes I do all the time can't help it, I'm my worst enemy lol
  13. My son who is 20 saw that Daniel video from another friend showing him,it really disturbed him.Once you do see something like that , your right you can't take it back. He is studying to be a firefighter and through training has seen decapitated head. So for his strength and dedication He can handle it. God bless those who can. He did say' Mom its something you never get use to are want to see.
  14. For me its number lll and houses of the holy it kind of reminded me of the first time machine movie's creatures love all the colors also p.g. all the windows are fun!!
  15. Thank you I love it when he laughs awesome !!
  16. gina62

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    I agree he just seems so happy !!
  17. gina62

    Starship 1975

    love them what a great find thank you!!
  18. gina62


    mine is having a panic attack, so I avoid places , freeways, elevators, airplanes,have to stay in my comfort zone. It SUCKS.....
  19. It use to be Dazed and confused, but now its (since I've been Loving you)just gets in my soul!!
  20. I'l get mine in early too, Happy Birthday Jimmy!! And many more to come!! Looking Good ....Looking Good....!!
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