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  1. Up, Up and Away - The 5'th Dimension
  2. Ok then, just wanted you to clarify that....Thanks.
  3. I'm not a delicatessan.
  4. Well I was close, only I had the wrong...meat...
  5. He got sidetracked..can I try? Ummm, A German Farm??? Hooters??? Ok, I give up!
  6. I dont want to single-out any 1 because they are ALL so awesome! Many talented artists here, I see. Thank you all you sharing your work.
  7. My son painted the fence And the bluebird came to dance But only when we went inside to eat. But when I came out He was still about With white paint all over his feet. I hope he did'nt get any on his face. And I'm glad we used water & not oil base. **Ok, don't all laugh at once!
  8. Did the Sun have a picture to go with this story? I think not, which tells me they are all lies & you can't believe a word of it. Except maybe for the part about Robert Plant liking Captain Beefheart, of course, as they have both always been way ahead of their time.
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