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  1. Up, Up and Away - The 5'th Dimension
  2. Coke rocks. But I don't like the corn syrup either, so I'll have to look for the Mexican brand. Thanks for the info!
  3. Sounds like some really cute Lucky Brand clothes. Your Lucky!! I just got a new bathing suit that I like because the bottom has ties on the sides so I can adjust it to fit right & it has a daisy sewn on the top & another on the bottoms.
  4. I love Capri's but have always had a hard time finding a good fit. This year, 'Levis came out with one that fits GREAT, & I LOVE them....need to get more cuz I want to wear them everyday!! I love tops with puffy sleeves, AND... I also love my Lucky Brand clothing item, a sweater, that I always get complements on & is so comfy & goes with just about everything (except my Capri's...lol)
  5. Can I vote more than once?? lol Well John Paul Jones has no votes, & he's hot! So he gets my vote. Put that hot man on the board!!!
  6. Never had the pleasure of seeing Zeppelin in concert, which makes my 'Raising Sand' Tour tickets that much sweeter to me. I WILL get to see Robert Plant & Allison Krauss, & from what I've seen & heard, it will be an AWESOME CONCERT.
  7. How about: O2 Breathes Life into Led Zeppelin: In Tribute to Ahmet Ertegun
  8. Ok then, just wanted you to clarify that....Thanks.
  9. I think they should do a big show in Vegas! But really, I'm happy seeing them all doing what they are now & look forward to future events as a plus... BUT, I'm pretty optomistic on this one, & I am going for it! a big 10!!!
  10. I'm not a delicatessan.
  11. Well I was close, only I had the wrong...meat...
  12. He got sidetracked..can I try? Ummm, A German Farm??? Hooters??? Ok, I give up!
  13. I dont want to single-out any 1 because they are ALL so awesome! Many talented artists here, I see. Thank you all you sharing your work.
  14. My son painted the fence And the bluebird came to dance But only when we went inside to eat. But when I came out He was still about With white paint all over his feet. I hope he did'nt get any on his face. And I'm glad we used water & not oil base. **Ok, don't all laugh at once!
  15. Did the Sun have a picture to go with this story? I think not, which tells me they are all lies & you can't believe a word of it. Except maybe for the part about Robert Plant liking Captain Beefheart, of course, as they have both always been way ahead of their time.
  16. Not only do they sound most excellent together, but they are so cute together, too! Lovin it!!!
  17. Well, i don't know about a 'word...never really thought about it. All i know is that when we were teenagers growing-up in the late '70's & StH came on the radio (or 8-track), everyone would cease to speak, unless they were singing the song. If you did'nt, you got an evil stare from everyone else & were considered a complete idiot for not knowing better than to TALK during such a meaningful song. Only one other song got that treatment: Freebird (and Dream On, depending on who you were hanging with that day.. ) So it was'nt the word, it was the meaning behind it that drew us to ha
  18. Yes, i agree that they DEFINITELY owe us a DVD from the O2 tour, since the concert was so awesome & only a select few were lucky enough to see it. AND a new album & following tour sounds PERFECT... i mean, what a concept!!!
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