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  1. I was just thinking, I saw where they were selling the Crossroads 2010 guitar festival DVD, which Eric Clapton has been putting on for years. In all these years, Clapton has never had Jimmy Page, I wonder why? Do they have a conflict?
  2. hawaiigor

    DVD O2 news?

    I was wondering is their any new news reguarding the O2 DVD??? Its been almost 2 yrs. since the concert... Igor
  3. hawaiigor

    O2 concert DVD

    I was wondering since the break-up of LZ, has there been any real news on when or If the O2 DVD concert DVD is going to go on sale??? I hope soon...... hawaiigor@yahoo.com

    Just returned from visiting your beautiful state - I assume you are from Hawaii. What island? Best wishes in the new year!

    Bitchin Soul

  5. Well if Led Zep is truly over, then when can we except to hear about the O2 concert reunion DVD coming out??? hawaiigor
  6. If Plant is truly gone and in LZ past, I hope they( the band) release that O2 london concert DVD to the public.
  7. If he's available, how about Paul Rogers!!!!!
  8. I wish the guy's( minus Plant) would leave Robert in Country music, if thats what he wants to do and call Paul Rodgers or someone in his league and get on with it, before they really get too old to rock and roll. Robert's voice can't handle a tour w/ Jimmy and the boys anyway. Igor
  9. Do you know when the O2 concert DVD is coming out??? hawaiigor@yahoo.com
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