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  1. Mine was more of a general statement, rather than directly aimed at you, but still, I don't get how fans of classic rock and such don't appreciate Paul Rodgers more overwhelmingly.. He's a gem among most of the rocks!
  2. The way to hear Paul Rodgers is Free or Bad Company... People who are judging him on the Queen stuff are going it at arse backwards if you ask me..
  3. Paul Rodgers' work with Free alone should get him into any top 3 of classic/blues/rock singers... Don't people listen to Free these days or something? His set of pipes circa 1970 were unrivaled.
  4. Damn, I hope ZZ Top are still tagging along when they get to Europe..
  5. Apparently, Roger's drum tech let it slip that they'll be touring sometime in 2010.. That's only a rumour so far though..
  6. That is pretty much a rip off of Eddie Hazel's sound, you're right. Even some of the note choices and phrasing could be lifted straight out of one of Eddie's solos, not to mention the echoing stuff, which is pure funkadelic... Yeah, it's great making a nod to your influences, but i'm not so sure about it in this instance..
  7. As you can tell from my avatar, I'm one of the biggest Cornell/Soundgarden/Temple Of the Dog fans. I've seen Chris twice and it blew me away! I still say that the opening 4 tracks from Badmotorfinger are the most devastatingly awesome of any album i've heard. I can listen to them over and over and over!
  8. I'm not sure about some aspects of it, i.e. Howard Leese on second guitar but I'm glad Paul is carrying on performing in the spotlight. Doing his style of music again.
  9. I think he is just the best at keeping it simple, but ultra creative. I mean, he basically spawned a style a guitar playing! His influence is everywhere in heavy guitar music. He came up with all the riffs you wish you had.
  10. I thought his autobiography was such an interesting read. Proved to me what a dichotomy his private and public lives were. He was really a very sad individual when in the depths of addiction.
  11. I've had two stages of my musical life... The part where The Beatles were everything to me, and the part where Led Zeppelin were everything to me.... Now it's a wonderful partnership... The Beatles really are without equal.. They were channeling something special.. Something that can't and shouldn't be explained.. Abbey Road soothes my soul.. and The White Album is just genius without boundaries...
  12. If only there were more like him... at the same time, I'm glad there isn't... Jeff was So Real..
  13. I recommend this.. I love Peter Green. Nothing more needs to be said.
  14. I've heard great things about this... I really want to see it!
  15. Even though I'm arguing this point with you a bit, let it be known that I do admire your feelings for Freddie.. He was such an amazing performer. A true one-off. Front man extraordinaire!
  16. I totally disagree with the Greatest Hits comment... Have you got Sheer Heart Attack? What an album that is! Brighton Rock, Killer Queen, Flick Of The Wrist, Now I'm Here, Stone Cold Crazy, In The Lap Of The Gods...Revisited... All classic Queen songs on one album! Personally, I think that Queen I, Sheer Heart Attack, A Night At The Opera, News Of The World, Jazz & The Game are all essential classic rock albums for any collection... (Of course, I'm incredibly bias..)
  17. There's a lot of gold in them there albums if you take your time to look... Also, I don't think anyone should be scared of being emasculated for liking Queen... I mean, FFS..
  18. Yeah, especially on a board like this... I mean, people seem to just brush aside Jimmy's 'fling' with a 14 yr old aside, because he's Jimmy Page, and he's so cool and mysterious... (I'm not saying anyone has or will say this, I'm purely speculating for the sake of argument, BTW) Anyway, back to the task in hand... I Have a live DVD from the Bad tour in '89... Back when he actually sung and danced, all live, no gimmicks... Amazing stuff!
  19. Is it for anyone to say what they should be writing? Doesn't that defeat the whole creative process...
  20. I'm glad someone else is here! I have the Off The Wall and Bad special editions, so I'm looking forward to this! I think people tend to conveniently forget the impact Michael Jackson had on the music industry, while all the time focusing on all of the non-music related news and gossip.. I mean, for a start, he's the best dancer I've ever seen... Combined with that voice. Dynamite!
  21. Yes, I realise all the history and legacy associated with 'names' these days... but I gave up being sentimental about that years ago. Times change, people change, bands change... I'd be interested on what your opinion on all the other bands who've changed personnel, but kept the same band-name is? AC/DC, Deep Purple, Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones, to name but a few... (That's probably for another thread though..) Although, to be fair, that's kind of a side issue in this context, as I don't feel that Bri and Rog have tried to envelop Paul into the Queen circus really. That was the w
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