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  1. As you can tell from my avatar, I'm one of the biggest Cornell/Soundgarden/Temple Of the Dog fans. I've seen Chris twice and it blew me away! I still say that the opening 4 tracks from Badmotorfinger are the most devastatingly awesome of any album i've heard. I can listen to them over and over and over!
  2. I've had two stages of my musical life... The part where The Beatles were everything to me, and the part where Led Zeppelin were everything to me.... Now it's a wonderful partnership... The Beatles really are without equal.. They were channeling something special.. Something that can't and shouldn't be explained.. Abbey Road soothes my soul.. and The White Album is just genius without boundaries...
  3. I recommend this.. I love Peter Green. Nothing more needs to be said.
  4. I've heard great things about this... I really want to see it!
  5. Woody Allen - Complete Prose Funniest. Book. Ever.
  6. I'm really looking forward to seeing The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford on friday!
  7. This insane video of Zakk Wylde just tearing it up and down the fretboard... All that in the cleanest tone... the mind boggles! Zakk Wylde - Clean blues shred
  8. Finally! Some Soundgarden compassion for this poor English chap...
  9. Excuse me while I shed a lonely tear for the lack of Soundgarden love... :'(
  10. I went years without liking the Dio years at all! I think they're definitely a 'grower'... Some great riffs! If I'm not mistaken, didn't Tony revert back to standard(ish) tuning for the Dio stuff..? I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong...
  11. Cool.. I'll have to check that album out!
  12. I've always loved the transition between Paranoid and Master Of Reality... When Tony started dropping his tuning 1 1/2 steps... Awesome stuff! (Can't beat starting an album with someone coughing their lungs up either!)
  13. Can't be just me who the English weather depresses then!
  14. I'll find out when Queen + Paul Rodgers announce their 2008 tour dates!
  15. Jim

    Oh CANADA!

    I'm not Canadian, obviously... But I cannie wait to have a holiday there! I've been wanting to go to Canada for ages... I fell in love with The Rockies when I was in the US, so I dream of one day hitting the Canadian stretch...
  16. Jim

    Beautiful Women

    Is she made out of plastic..?
  17. That reminds me... I really should get that ^ DVD ...
  18. One word. Soundgarden. Also... Pearl Jam & Jeff Buckley
  19. So lucky to have all that snow! Great pic!
  20. Jim

    Beautiful Women

    Is it a prerequisite that I post images of women, to compete with other people's choices, in order to contribute to this thread then..? I'll 'contribute' in whichever way I see fit, thanks.
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