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  1. Jim

    Beautiful Women

    I have to say that i'm not impressed at all...
  2. Love those skiing pics! I <3 snow & mountains.
  3. Jim

    Thanks for the comment! You're too kind! :)

  4. Jim

    Beautiful Women

    Dragster likes the ladies it seems...
  5. I'm going to see Planet Terror (full length version) tonight! I've seen the shorter 'Grindhouse - Double-Bill' version... Wonder how different it will be...
  6. Crowe's American 'accent' still bothers me....
  7. Well, as technically TSRTS is a soundtrack and not a 'live album' per say, I'd have to go with HTWWW... Although, I prefer the MSG shows in their entirety..
  8. I love both Burn and Stormbringer!
  9. I saw American Gangster last... and Black Sheep the week before! Enjoyed both I have to say! Pleasantly surprised!
  10. Thanks for the comments folks (and for giving me new surnames!)
  11. Love The Who!! I saw them at Hyde Park a year or two ago now... Fabulous! See me... Feel me...
  12. I agree for the most part... I was just posing a different angle on the discussion.
  13. Cheers mate! (Yeah, i'll be glad when I turn 28.. )
  14. I'm 27 and yes, it's my real name.. (I was thinking of mentioning before that there aren't any rockstar associations.. As you mentioned Morrison )
  15. Although I agree to some degree... I also think that Ozzy's vocal sounds 'perfect' with the earlier Sabbath material merely because that's the voice we naturally associate with it..
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