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  1. I shouldn't think that anyone who is actually there will be disappointed... Just being in the moment is enough to make it a euphoric experience!
  2. Jim


    I just had liver... with some fava beans and a nice chianti..
  3. Jim

    Oh CANADA!

    I'm not Canadian, obviously... But I cannie wait to have a holiday there! I've been wanting to go to Canada for ages... I fell in love with The Rockies when I was in the US, so I dream of one day hitting the Canadian stretch...
  4. Jim

    Beautiful Women

    Is she made out of plastic..?
  5. That reminds me... I really should get that ^ DVD ...
  6. Let me guess... There's a whole chapter on the line, "My baby left me..."
  7. One word. Soundgarden. Also... Pearl Jam & Jeff Buckley
  8. So lucky to have all that snow! Great pic!
  9. I'd say that the famous April 27th, 1969 @ Fillmore West is probably the clearest and my favourite...
  10. Have you never seen footage of him play? Or was that an ironic comment?
  11. I really like the cover of 'A Quick One (While He's Away)' done by Eddie and My Morning Jacket on the recent PJ DVD!
  12. Jim

    Beautiful Women

    Is it a prerequisite that I post images of women, to compete with other people's choices, in order to contribute to this thread then..? I'll 'contribute' in whichever way I see fit, thanks.
  13. It's ok, I know what you mean.... I just don't really agree..
  14. You do? I just hear a thoroughly English chap!
  15. But I don't wanna be a pirate!
  16. Jim

    Beautiful Women

    I have to say that i'm not impressed at all...
  17. Love those skiing pics! I <3 snow & mountains.
  18. Yes, one right here! Big Peter Green fan!
  19. Bit of a comedy band? Please... They were all supremely competent musicians performing complex musical arrangements and harmonies.. I'm sorry, I'm all for accepting people simply not having a taste for their style, but to call them a comedy band not to take seriously is a bit too much for me! I seriously think that some people can't seem to comprehend when a band has more than more weapon in their arsenal. When more than one facet can come to the fore... Lightweight and poppy? I'd have to seriously doubt you've heard all of their material from that statement, and if you have, I'd like
  20. Yeah, but that wasn't really my point... I was talking about their sound. Saying that though, have you heard Freddie talk? Don't get any more English-sounding than that!
  21. Jim

    Thanks for the comment! You're too kind! :)

  22. Jim

    Beautiful Women

    Dragster likes the ladies it seems...
  23. Bring Back That Leroy Brown! Fabulous, darlings!!
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