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  1. I'll also say that one of the things I love most about Queen is how unashamedly English they were... All those quirky, music-hall inspired songs and little ditties are wonderful, and so uncompromising.. Makes me a proud Englishman!
  2. I'm going to see Planet Terror (full length version) tonight! I've seen the shorter 'Grindhouse - Double-Bill' version... Wonder how different it will be...
  3. Best ever is probably a bit OTT... Yeah, it's good... Personally though, I've never thought that song translated as well live as the studio version...
  4. Yeah, I have those DVD's great stuff! Although, I think his voice got much better since those shows early on in the tour... As I heard him say in an interview... He started to remember how to sing the old songs... The muscle memory came back... As did the memories...
  5. What are you actually agreeing on? It was stated that ANATO was an album without filler...
  6. Crowe's American 'accent' still bothers me....
  7. I don't know about anyone else, but I like a surprise... Which is why I hope they don't confirm either way what the actual set-list will be...
  8. I just listened to a bit of this show... Typical radio-type documentary... Interviews inter-spliced with album tracks...
  9. Another reason why I'm of the opinion that showing a persons post count can sometimes be a bad thing... You get the people wanting the status of being a regular poster... and the people complaining about those people! Can't please everyone! To be honest, if you feel you're contributing to the forum in a positive way, it shouldn't matter if you have 50 or 500 posts... Either way, it's nothing to get worked up about!
  10. Well, as technically TSRTS is a soundtrack and not a 'live album' per say, I'd have to go with HTWWW... Although, I prefer the MSG shows in their entirety..
  11. Could've saved your fingers and just bought this...
  12. I love both Burn and Stormbringer!
  13. Yeah, I was gonna say... '39 is one of the most popular songs for most of the Queen fans I've seen following them on tour! Great sing-a-long tune live!
  14. I saw American Gangster last... and Black Sheep the week before! Enjoyed both I have to say! Pleasantly surprised!
  15. Thanks for the comments folks (and for giving me new surnames!)
  16. I know what you mean! He did the best version of Outshined i've ever heard in London! Captured here: Just listen to those screams! That's pure 1992 right there!
  17. Can you bite it again and say why you think they are..?
  18. You don't have to tell me! I'm a big Who fan also!
  19. I'm listening to a Queen show (Milwaukee 1980) while posting all this... Adding to my bias no doubt!!
  20. Yeah, I understand that those bands may have had deliberate, isolated moments of camp... but the general perception of them isn't what I'd call camp... Point taken though.
  21. The Who?! I'm sorry, but i'll have to disagree there... They were one of the bands with a lot of machismo if you ask me... Just look at Roger Daltry for example... He was a real 'mans man'.. I wouldn't exactly call The Beatles camp either... I guess that's open to perception though..
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