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  1. Yes, but that's what made them who they were... That's their identity.. It's what set them apart from every other "Classic Rock" band out there.. (Plus the fact of their harmonies, amazing charismatic front-man, great lead guitarist etc...) What exactly is 'balanced out correctly' anyway? Example?
  2. That's the thing I love about Queen... They weren't this big, macho bravado 'cool' band... They totally put on a spectacle, a show... At the same as rocking harder than most groups out there! I mean, personally, i've not heard a better or more hard rockin' opening to a show than the "Flash/The Hero/We Will Rock You(Fast) from their Milton Keynes Bowl show... Just amazing!! I'm a huge Queen fan as you can tell... I really can't see how any hard rock fan can't be, but I guess they do have a distinctive sound that might be an acquired taste...
  3. To be fair... I think he's had other things on his mind this year... TSRTS Reissue/Small matter of a Zep Reunion...
  4. It always surprises me that with a song so well-known at All Right Now, how there aren't more Free fans...
  5. Vs. is a fantastic album. Definitely my fav up there with Ten! I actually like Binaural... More than No Code and Riot Act (My least fav PJ albums).. I think songs like Light Years, Insignificance & Rival are some of PJ's best work! Yield is great too! Brain Of J, Faithful, Do The Evolution... Classic!
  6. Love The Who!! I saw them at Hyde Park a year or two ago now... Fabulous! See me... Feel me...
  7. Jim

    Men are...

    There's a long-haired 'mentality'..? I thought it was just laziness...
  8. Jim

    Men are...

    So, if you dated a guy who had long hair and you got on really well, then out of the blue he cut it all off... Would you call the whole thing off?
  9. Jim


    Team of strangers! As Alan Hansen put it... So, yeah... I'm English too btw.
  10. Nice to see a post like this. Well put.
  11. I have to say, I much preferred the piece in the Classic Rock special edition to the Mojo articles..
  12. You don't have to tell me! I was front row when Chris played at the Roundhouse in London back in September... I was deaf for 3 days after!
  13. Oh, forget that! It's basically just the same with a couple of new songs.. We need more FREE!
  14. Oh, so now there's a knife to my throat? Well, let me come back to you on that one...
  15. Jim

    Men are...

    I think the original sentiments of my first post have got lost... That was the point of me saying I realised it's a bit of fun. Wasn't knocking that fact at all. Friends?
  16. I agree for the most part... I was just posing a different angle on the discussion.
  17. I strongly urge you get it then!
  18. Respectfully noted... At the same time though, why suppress your opinions..? You then run the risk of just being in a room full of sycophants and 'yes men', all agreeing because they don't want to upset anyone... Hardly an honest environment.
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