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  1. Remember..... Jimmy and Sammy already did an album together about 20 years ago. Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_kx9yQcD7Y HAHAHA!
  2. How about JPJ's one wrong note on the synth solo for All Of My Love? I've always enjoyed it. I love the human element of mistakes like that.
  3. Hey f2walsh, I have a boot from that tour, but I think it's The King Buiscut or something. Is that the same thing You have? Also, on an unrealated note, did You happen to see James Gang @ Nokia in Grand Prarie a few years back? One of My favorite concerts of all time!
  4. I know this thread is refering to the '70's heyday with Bonzo, and I realize that it's not the "real" Led Zeppelin without Him, but how about 12-10-2007 as an official release already!
  5. John Paul played his "Zooma" off last night! His tone is amazing (better than ever,IMO),and His playing is sooo smooth. Would LOVE to hear Him on a new studio project with our boys.
  6. I haven't listened to it in quite a while, but I always thought Robert sang "Don't you know they can't all win". I'm probably wrong, though. Don't you know your hair's flowin'....NO The water's cold put one toe in..... I'm pretty sure that's what Robert sang What a fun thread!
  7. +1 for Texas Pop Festival '69 Quality is amazing. Plus, I live close to Lewisville where it was held, and used to hear some of the old timers talk about how great Zeppelin was at that show. I listen to it all the time. Their energy absolutely jumps out of the speakers!
  8. I saw the Outrider tour in Austin. I was 16 or 17, and My Dad almost didn't let me go because We'd recently seen the Atlantic Records anniversary show, and Jimmy seemed to be in bad shape. Mason Ruffner opened (and was booed). They only used half of the Frank Erwin Center, which I couldn't believe, because this is JIMMY PAGE we're talking about! I'd seen Robert sell the place out around that time. When Jimmy came out, His guitar tone sounded fantastic. It seemed that He was pretty much using the same rig from the Zeppelin days. It brings me back just thinking about it. I remember thinking that it must've been some of the Zeppelin lighting rig,too.The entire band was fantastic. John Miles did a great job covering Robert, Paul Rodgers, and Chris Farlowe. Jason was great, but I totally agree with the poster who mentioned how far Jason has evolved in 20 years. And, Jimmy was INCREDIBLE! Completely different from the guy I'd recently watched on the Atlantic records show. Ronnie Lane was on the first row, and Jimmy dedicated "Train Kept A Rollin'" to Him. Too cool! One of My favorite concerts, for sure!
  9. None of us know for sure. It's not out of the realm of possibility that Robert could be involved. Robert just may surprise us all.
  10. I'm just happy to see Jimmy doing something so monumental. That performance, even though mimed, was seen around the entire globe! You all must admit that it's a positive thing.
  11. Jason played with so much heart on MMH at O2. Plus, his harmony singing with Robert was the bomb! I'm glad they played it. You could tell that all four members were having fun with that tune.
  12. Three Cheers for Jason!!!What a class act. Remarkable job at O2.
  13. That's awesome news. The Lamb is one of my favorite albums of all time. How many Genesis alum were at the O2? Thought I saw a picture of Mike Rutherford.Peter was there,and I had heard Tony Banks was there,as well.Any others?
  14. I don't know about a mere footnote.They seemed to be on top of their game in '73. I saw the Earls Court boot,and they weren't as tight as they were in '73. That being said,I would LOVE any pro shot concert from our boys! (a fellow Texan)
  15. It's hard for me to pick just one song off of my favorite album of all time.Almost went with the masterpiece,Rain Song.Could've gone with any of them (except The Crunge),but went with OTHAFA.What a song!And,the production is outstanding. Actually,that's one of the things I love most about HOTH.IMO,from a production standpoint,HOTH is the pennacle,with PG a close 2nd.
  16. I guess nobody has seen the bridge? Where's that confounded bridge?!!
  17. BTW,I LOVE what Kevin Shirley is doing with all of the live Zeppelin mixes.Great job,Caveman!!!
  18. I was hoping the same thing.I love the original movie,but wouldn't it be great to see the whole concert without the fantasy sequences,ala the Royal Albert Hall show from the 2003 DVD? Why didn't they do that?Could've been amazing.
  19. At a glance,I thought it was loosely based on TSRTS album cover art.I was way off base on that one. I like the Mothership cover,but after seeing those other designs,it just seems lazy (and very lame).
  20. I saw the new Foreigner lineup in'05 with Jason (Jeff Pilson from Dokken was on bass),and they kicked major ass.That new singer sings his ass off.It was an awesome rock and roll show. That being said,Lou Gramm is the man!
  21. Solar is right.It's not "bullshit".Read for yourself:http://www.thewho.com/index.php?module=news&news_item_id=43
  22. I agree.He is in top form.He also sounded great on both P&P tours.
  23. I saw Robert 2 years ago,and His voice was amazing.But,that was 2 years ago,wasn't it?I bet all 4 guy's bring their "A" game to O2 Arena.
  24. LMAO!!! That is funny!I sense a Star Wars reference coming on.
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