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  1. I've seen the Stones 7 times mainly because they are the only band to ever come to Memphis (or so it seems). Last time was Little Rock on their last tour. The Stones are awsome as a "flash back" band. I have to say, IMO, that they peaked about 75.
  2. Zepplin Zappa Bowie Yes Stones Leon Russell Eagles Queen Robert Plant
  3. I went to Atlanta to see LZ in 73 (or so I thought). I have since talked to my friend who went with me and who kept her facilities about her that night, and the concert was actually in 72. So I should really be lzatlanta72. I'm so glad I had friends that took care of me!
  4. This is really corny but: look up the words: hot, plant, incredible, whoa, help me jesus in the dictionary and what to you find? Think we all know the answer to that one! (told ya it was corny)
  5. that second photo needs to be "gif-ed"
  6. Today I bought a Leon Russell greatest hits CD -- most awsome!
  7. My oh my! Not many 59 year old men have jeans like that!!!!! Keep it up Percy
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