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  1. How can a woman who as attained the Governorship of a State be a setback to women's rights? You would think that a woman who proved that there were no limits to how high of an office in her own state would be championed by the women's rights people. it makes no difference how high she has climbed and i applaude her for her achievements. She is not the only woman governor in America. however, just because she is a woman does not mean all women support her as vice president. some do some don't. I don't. she scares me. But, so did Nixon. Has she tried to change abortion laws in her own
  2. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!! I've not been here in a while but I have to answer this silly, probably unregistered, never voted in the USA before, uninformed sad excuse for a human! I first voted in 1972 and have voted in every election since then. I was/am a Hillary supporter since day 1---I mean year one--back in the early 90's. I still am. However, I must do what is best for my country. I looked at McCain briefly but he was too conservative for me. Then, when he picked Palin as his VP candidate, my mind was definately made up to vote for Obama. Palin scares the stuff out of me. She will se
  3. oh my wildest dreams........lying on a bed under robert plant!
  4. Wow, I should be so young! Got ya beat -- saw the boys in 72!
  5. most excellent photos. mind if I ask what kind of camera? Thanks
  6. Yo Yo Memphis They are playing Nashville July 19 at the Sommet Center. I bought tickets online through Ticketmonster Thursday night. Check it out.
  7. Jimi -- Jimmy -- Eric I've had this discussion many times as I'm sure you all have. Jimi -- yes, he was taken too young. IMO he set the standard by which all future guitarists would be "judged" (for lack of a better word). The craziness in his own life came through on his playing and it was magic. Eric -- they don't call him slowhand for nothing. One of the most boring concerts I have ever seen. Saw him once in the mid 70s and that was enough. Jimmy -- Exciting, innovative, always fresh and playful. He could play rock, blues, and jazz flavored guitar. He is, IMO, truly a master of
  8. I've seen the Stones 7 times mainly because they are the only band to ever come to Memphis (or so it seems). Last time was Little Rock on their last tour. The Stones are awsome as a "flash back" band. I have to say, IMO, that they peaked about 75.
  9. Sorry about your troubles EV. I can totally identify. 2007 was a bad year, father died, brother died, lost my job, lost my health insurance-- and I'm bipolar. Find a good therapist -- it's always good to have an objective person to talk to and cry with. Friends and family want to help but most of the time they are too close. With most depressive episodes, you will know when the time is right to re-enter the human race. Is there a university medical center near you? I've found them to be very helpful. Peace. C
  10. You hit the nail on the head. The birth of R&R changed music forever. Artists were striking new ground and going places not imagined before or after. Part of it was the chemicals I'm sure, but they were innocent and safe then which is strange because the music was (and is) wet, wild and free. Where I live you never knew who you would run into in clubs or who would sit in with the house band. Music was ALIVE. Oh, you left out one major contributor--Frank Zappa.
  11. I was visiting Dallas this summer and my friends were listening to some off the wall country station and I swear I heard the Dolly Parton version. Nearly choked! LOL LOL LOL
  12. QUOTE (lzatlanta73 @ Feb 7 2008, 10:24 PM) it doesn't really matter anyway -- big business runs the country and the president is just a figure head. In what aspect does big business run the country? I'd rather they run it than some of the jokers in this so-called thing we calla government Oil companies, haliburton, Vietnam, both gulf wars, need more? No matter who is elected, they are just a figure head for all their cronies. This has been going on for most of the last 100 years (probably more) but more so in the last 50. Yes, I am very cynical but I've seen too much corruption
  13. I was 17 when the voting age was lowered to 18 and was so happy to be able to vote -- this was during Vietnam and our thinking was if you are old enought to die for your country you should have a say--I still believe this. I have voted in every national election since 1972. As to people being too old to vote--never. There are very few oldsters that should not vote due to whatever and their families know who they are. As to driving age, yes, we should ALL be tested periodically and not because of age only. We all know people of all ages who should not be driving..right?
  14. Zepplin Zappa Bowie Yes Stones Leon Russell Eagles Queen Robert Plant
  15. it doesn't really matter anyway -- big business runs the country and the president is just a figure head. Don't get me wrong I will vote because I feel if you do not exercise your right to vote, you have no right to complain about our government. I will vote for Hillary. My reason -- experience. I like Obama but it's not his time -- he's too inexperienced and at this time in our country's history we need experience and proven leadership. Best bet for the country is a Hillary/Obama ticket. Then in 8 years Obama and whoever. Just my opinion
  16. I didn't mean to dis rednecks but where I live--US midsouth region--they are abundant. this is NOT a racial issue...sorry some of you think that.... I've heard more teens and young adults of ALL types (and races) use this phrase -- I chalk it up to our educational system--their english teachers should put a stop to it. Nuff said
  17. What really gets me is people who are interviewed on TV for news, whatever, who say "YOU KNOW"! NO I DON'T KNOW It seems that ball players and rednecks on the news say YOU KNOW a lot. (I don't mean to offend ball players and rednecks...sorry if I did)
  18. I went to Atlanta to see LZ in 73 (or so I thought). I have since talked to my friend who went with me and who kept her facilities about her that night, and the concert was actually in 72. So I should really be lzatlanta72. I'm so glad I had friends that took care of me!
  19. Jimmy looked better than I've seen in a long time! An the white hair is sexy sexy sexy! He has aged like a fine wine.... To all you folks saying he's too old, etc. Have you seen/noticed other men his age? He's such a fox and so creative and full of life! (trust me I know--I'm a female almost his age!) I'd love to find a man 1/10th as incredible as he is. Oh, and to those of you who dis the white shirt...I just don't get it.....It looked so classy -- he looked like an ad for GQ who whipped out a guitar and said watch this! (does anyone remember how he used to dress? I've always
  20. I like Asia the foods great! No really, Asia is a good band, but I would rather see Steve Howe with YES.
  21. Do you listen to new music? I've not found any bands that I really like. Don't get me wrong, there a alternative bands I like but most of the new stuff in my opion is pop, not rock.
  22. I've been searching for a YES box set.....Where did you get yours? Thanks
  23. yeah and on my local radio station today the DJ confirmed LZ at Bonnaroo -- then had to come back and say oh it was a "tribute band"-------
  24. I was a huge TR fan back in the day, but saw him in a small club setting about 2 years ago and had to leave he was so bad.....who cares what he has to say anyway.
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