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  1. I didn't think the skit was that impressive. Sure it took balls, I guess, but all I really got out of the thing is that Clint Eastwood stutters and pauses a lot. Yes, I am a Romney supporter but my first choice was Ron Paul.
  2. This guy is a mastermind. That being said, can people really accuse Jimmy Page of playing too sloppy live? lol.
  3. Hey I gave the guy credit when I changed it... I think it was in the Photos thread or something.
  4. I love this song but that bridge really doesnt fit it.
  5. Just to reiterate... Rotten crotch. That is all.
  6. I drove with my vehicle fluttering in and out of the rev-limiter all the way to work this morning at 4am. Love beating rush hour
  7. docron


    Raise your hand if you came here because you thought there was a chance it had something to do with Topanga from Boy Meets World....
  8. Why the fk doesn't anyone make a decent Led Zeppelin shirt. I can't get myself to walk around in a shirt with a GIANT Icarus on it or a concert tee with full front 9-coulour graphic and a list of 80 stadiums in the back. I like Led Zeppelin just as much as the next person, but I don't need people passing me in the streets thinking I just crawled out of my parents' basement after smoking a huge left'ander. Something simple would be nice from time to time.
  9. Don't worry, Tigers will take 2 of 3... and my birthday isn't for months!
  10. Sorry guys, but Motherf'kn Ernest needs a place to CAMP
  11. After skimming quickly, I haven't the slightest clue what this is about... Anything worth wasting my limited brain power on?
  12. I don't know what this has to do with anything, but seems like a good time to throw in an 'obama sucks'.
  13. nah,, we're pseudo-friends from a while back. is all in good fun
  14. and one night in Spokane as 'Len Zefflin' under Concerts West...
  15. You at the Whiskey for some 'Sexual Favors'?? lol
  16. I was in the corner station picking up some cancer and some petrol, and I saw a package of Spree candy. Haven't had these in about 10 years and they reminded me of when I was younger, so I figured I'd pick them up. OMG. Wow these things suck. 512 million % daily value of sugar. Did William Wonka lose his recipie, or were they really always this bad? Worst 1 pound 50 I ever spent
  17. This woman is Mad Ness.
  18. Happy birthday today to: Signing of The Treaty of Noyon (1516) First near-Earth asteroid 433 Eros discovered (1898) First UK production of Stainless Steel (1913) Radio Pakistan first broadcast of Quami Tarana (1954) Apollo 11 astronauts released from their 3-week quarantine (1969) Mila Kunis (1983)
  19. BRSPLED!!!! It's been a very very long time.... Is really you?!
  20. [GALLOWS POLE] [siriusXM - Classis Vinyl] [they actually play this one pretty often, but that's about it]. [i don't mind as it's a welcome departure from all the normal radio-plays, but i wonder why they chose this one]?
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