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  1. Has anyone had the pleasure(displeasure?) of hearing the band Greta Van Fleet? If you thought Kingdom Come was a clone, as they were in a late 80's hair metal sense, this band takes it to a whole new level, with the singer actually copying Plant's hand gestures, and basically sounds EXACTLY like a young Plant. I would imagine this to change over time, as they appear to be just out of high school, but with people like Eddie Trunk talking them up daily on his Sirius XM show you have to wonder. I'm not sure what to think, and if you were Page, Plant and Jones, would this be flattering, or a joke? A constant annoyance? I personally prefer a band like Royal Blood expounding upon the Zep sound and doing something original with it, but to each their own. Curious to see the responses, esp from Page, Plant and Jones.
  2. Yeah...Rob Mackowiak, when he played for the Pittsburgh Pirates, always had the opening riff to Heartbreaker as his music when he came up to bat
  3. XM/Sirius is kinda dropping the ball on this one. Here's an idea, have a special and play an UNRELEASED live show, from start to finish. Or have a talk show devoted to Zep talk and the new rumors. There's a shitload XM/Sirius could do, will they? Prolly not. It is still a killer channel, and one of 4 i actually listen to.
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