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  1. So is there any chance of seeing a photo of this wardrobe Steve ?
  2. I'm primarily a Keith Emerson fan ... which of course ends up including ELP and the Nice. I've actually got a young .... desperately in need of members .... especially members who will talk to one another .... forum, based around Keith, which ELP pages in need of talk ... You'll find me at Tarkus forum Please come and join and talk all things ELP ... I need talkative people!!!! I'm married to a prog rocking keyboard player ... so my listening tends to swing between my first love .... Jimmy Page (hence you find me on this board) and my second love Keith Emerson, who doesn't seem to have anything by way of forums, so I started one! Fave ELP album - I'd probably go Tarkus. Hope to see some of you at Tarkus ...
  3. My older cousin playing LZ II to me when it first came out .... I then borrowed it ... and I've still got it!!!
  4. Think the double neck Ovation may be the CSE 225 ... but as a violin player, i'm no expert on guitars. Of course this being Jimmy ... may even be a custom version. And what was that triple neck with the mandolin on top?
  5. and 'without a guitar' that seems even more odd ....
  6. Couldn't agree more. I was given Mothership as a pressie ... and I do think the remastering has now gone a step too far. It's ok, but if I really want to listen and enjoy, I go back to the original remaster albums ... well, until I find a few more of the Japanese ones! Hubby is prog rocker rather than a LZ fan, and even he, on hearing Mothership said it had lost what LZ music was really about!
  7. Just wanted to thank you all for aiding my decision. I do now have a Japanese CD of Houses of the Holy, and am now working on wearing it out! The sound quality is definitely superior to the UK version. Well worth the higher cost. In fact the only problem I have now, is I think I'm going to have to shop around and see if I can find more of the Japanese versions of the rest of the Led Zeppelin catalogue. Hmmm Outrider gets played a lot here ... wonder if there's a Japanese pressing of that one? Anyway thanks again all.
  8. Led Zep II was the first ... family visiting always involved me and my cousin being made to 'play' together. He's 5 years older than me, and we could never have been called close! He bought LZ II and on the next visit suggested we could listen to records ... I still to this day think he thought I'd hate it and finally he would be rid of me! If that was his cunning plan plan it went well wrong ... I borrowed the album and I still have it! I was 12 back in 1969 ... He'd have been 17. I did own up to still having it a couple of years back ... he said I could keep it ... he'd gone off them which just shows he has no taste whatsoever !!!! He didn't catch on that I was only owning up and had no intention of giving it up!!!
  9. Sure did ... and he may have to have that guitar a slung a little higher these days, but he's still damn sexy, and still looks cool!
  10. For me its Osteopaths - they too really know what they're doing! Lets face it ... I love Jimmy to bits, but he has always been a back injury waiting to happen with that low slung guitar playing!
  11. Couldn't agree more .... and you missed mentioning Keith laying under the Hammond and playing it from behind .... after throwing knives in Just proves the list of things they did in concert is endless ... can't believe they got left off!
  12. I only download if I want singles or only part of any album. I like to have the original album art work, etc, not just the music. So until such time as its not possible to buy a CD, I'm not going to be changing over to dowloads. The Japanese imports are usually better because of the manufacturing process. They take making the glass master for pressing CDs as precission work, and will endeavour to make it as error free as possible. The less errors and the greater the precission on the glass master, the better the CD pressed from it .... even after multiple pressings. Like I said, I've not bought a Led Zep Japenese pressing before, but when I heard my first Japanese CD pressing in the system at home the sound quality was amazing - that was Bowie's Diamond Dogs album which was remastered, the original album dates back to 1974, but you'd never know it! I'll let you know what I think of House of the Holy Japanese import as soon as I've listened to it ..... watch this space
  13. I don't do digital MP3 players - well, apart from my iPod Nano on airplanes, and when I'm outside drawing. As you will have seen above, I have gone with the Japanese import recommendation, in that the advice given underlines my minimal experience with these. My current Led Zep CDs are from Jimmy's original remastering, which was excellent. I can't agree with you on Mothership ... there's little evidence of any 'mucky muck' on the original remasters, and I think the compression and limiting has been taken too far on Mothership thereby losing much of the dynamic range on the previous version. For me, dynamic range is a large part of Led Zep music. I like Mothership, but I really wouldn't go overboard about it. Making the quiet bits louder does take away the light and shade. Maybe the light and shade is limited on digital MP3 players anyway - I can only judge by my iPod and like I said it's only for use on aeroplanes and outside. I'm used to listening to Led Zep through around £4000 worth of hi-fi equipment. If anything, Mothership just regularly sends me back to the original CD remasters.
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