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  1. 8th grade, Blessed Sacrament School, Hollywood Ca. Carlos Veronisi (sp?) kept saying Led Zeppelin over and over, and how it was the greatest thing in the world. Soon after I bought (paid for) my first album at the record store on Hollywood and Vine (could have been Sunset and Vine); big decision between CCR and Led Zep - I bought the CCR album (around $3.00). Mistake!
  2. I swear I saw Heather Locklear in the o2 Starbucks before the show.
  3. Some good reviews! Will add when we get home to San Diego on Friday, only have my Blackberry for now (and its slow/hard to navigate on the site). Can't really form a coherent review yet anyway, still overwhelmed and walking around with a goofy smile. My 8th Zep concert since 1971 and it was brutally awesome. So much more than I remotely anticipated. First few songs were a little shaky, then they were steady; and proved once and for all what most of us already knew. (Oh yeah, Jason ripped it up)
  4. Although I have tickets from the first ballot, the local reaction seems to be peaking in the last few days before we leave for London. People, that I haven't seen in a year, have been stopping by my office "just to say hi". Friends I see a few times a year all want to go out for a drink. Distant relatives are getting my phone number from my mom. Neighbors are bringing cookies and cakes over. All just to wish us well and congratulate us for getting tickets and being able to go? Or just an excuse to ask "would you be able to bring me back a T-Shirt"? It's all about the T-Shirt! Nothing
  5. "Senior Pampers"!! The Astronauts wear them!
  6. Anything going on Sunday night? I sent our names in to attend the ledzepparty at a Pub, but then read more about it; sounds sort of 'restrictive'.
  7. Staying near Paddington also. What is the problem with that area? Staying there primarily because of the Express from Heathrow and the ability to get access to many tube lines. thanks in advance for your advice. sam
  8. Any opinions on whether or not picture taking will be allowed inside the arena during the show? Found another thread on this, sorry for the duplicate. http://forums.ledzeppelin.com//index.php?s...c=353&st=20
  9. Leaving Los Angeles on the 7th, arriving American Airlines flt 136 on Sat.
  10. Up till now, the most I have paid to see Zeppelin is $8.50. This will be the eighth, and probably last, time since 1971 that my wife and I will go to a Zep concert and yes would probably pay a lot more than we just did. It will be our first Zep concert since we were married in 1978, and the first time seeing them somewhere other than the Forum or Long Beach Arena, so that will be different. We are pretty fu#*in excited and since October second it's been like one long eternal Christmas Eve waiting for this. If I had never seen them in concert I would probably pay a few thousand a seat wit
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