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  1. I remember it as a huge mirror ball.
  2. Heavy may mean many things. For all that matters Beatles can be labeled as Heavy Pop band - with their wide styles of music. I love LZ - the first time I was exposed to LZ was a SuperShow where LZ played D&C I was so trilled to have that footage included in the DVD. I had a audio version that I had been listening to it for years. I thought it was the best version. And I guess I could call that 1969 performance heavy. I am a guitarist - there was always something about Jimmy's guitar that I couldn't get it down. I could do Blackmore, Iommi.. similar era.. but Jimmy's licks were always diff
  3. Thank you, then it must have been. I vividly recall JPJ carrying on the song just with Clavinet - now basically LZ is a 3 piece instrument band so it was just Keyboard and Drums. But do you recall the original tour date had been postponed?? and also, there was a set date for LZ to play Rose Bowl but it was cancelled. ghj
  4. I have this LP TOO.. does it kick off with Immigrant song
  5. Sammy Hagar Van Halen Black Sabbath Boston. Yes Peter Frampton Gary Wright Last year Queens Richt Alice Cooper Heaven Hell (a.k.a - Black Sabbath with Dio)
  6. Everyday is a blessing. I woke up at 4:00 AM.. I play in a praise band - lead the praise for Saturday Morning Worship Service. I got to the Church 5AM. The band had a brief run through of the songs we will be singing. 5:45 AM we were on stage. Did our 30 minute morning praise - It is a full band... Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboard. It was decided that we will not skimp out just because it was Saturday Morning. So we made everyone stand up... the congregation fits about 800 people.. and Sat Morning usually it is packed. It was blessed morning. We heard a positive uplifting message from our pastor.
  7. I am on a quest to really find out when I went. I am one of the few or many that experienced LZ at the peak of their career. Living it through all the great hits as they were released as "new" records. I remember going into club called Gazzari's on Sunset and a cover band called Wizkids doing a Hots on for no where just days after it was released. As a FOB (Fresh Off the Boat) immigrant from Japan/Korea this was Rock and Roll Heaven. And I counted days until Led Zeppelin would return to US. I do remember this Los Angeles show and Some west coast show was postponed from earlier date - late
  8. Thanks... but I do not recall the who Keith Moon Bit...
  9. I trying to remember which 1977 Forum show that I went.. did Jimmy's guitar have Technical Problem during Trampled Under Foot??
  10. I saw Led Zeppelin at Forum, Los Angeles in 1977. What I recall was that concert was once postponed due to Robert's injury and they didn't play in my times of dying. I had a loge seat left side looking over the floor seats. Great view. I was 20 years old. I am originally from Korea but grew up in Okinawa, Japan - left for "states" in 1975. The first dream that I had was to see Led Zeppelin in concert. It was the one of the reason I started playing guitar and joining rock and roll band - I still play on a regular basis - but with a twist I play for Jesus, Christ. Modern praise music has strong
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