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  1. Here's a (hopefully) fun little exercise: rate the songs on Led Zeppelin IV in order of preference, from most to least favourite. This is my list: Black Dog Battle of Evermore When the Levee Breaks Rock and Roll Stairway to Heaven Four Sticks Misty Mountain Hop Going to California This doesn't necessarily mean that you like the top ones and hate the others. In fact, IV is such a great album that you might very well like all the songs, but to varying degrees. Personally, I'm rather indifferent to "Going to California" but I like all the others quite a bit, for different reasons. Also, d
  2. Despite the fact that John Paul Jones is often underrated and was far more vital to Led Zeppelin than many people realise, I'd still have to say that, compared to the others, he would have been the most "dispensable." This, of course, leads to the further question of who would have replaced him. My vote would be for John Entwistle of the Who, who were also reeling from the death of their drummer at roughly the same time. In many ways, Entwistle occupied a similar niche in the Who that Jones did in Zep, but was a much better bass player, IMO. So it would have been Page, Plant, Bonzo and the Ox
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    Top Five?

    I agree with the previous poster -- it's almost impossible to pick just five, but here goes: Black Dog Kashmir Whole Lotta Love Immigrant Song Battle of Evermore So many others I could've picked: Dazed and Confused, Rock and Roll, No Quarter, When the Levee Breaks, Since I've Been Loving You, Over the Hills and Far Away, etc., etc....!
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