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  1. yep I had a complete mental breakdown reading the bootledz entry for this gig
  2. Really they should've done it in the 90s / early 2000s pre download and pre CDR market , they'd have made a shedload more money as ppl would've had to buy the CDs to own the music, they've missed the market to really maximise profitability.
  3. I would definitely listen to the 26th, the sound is not as good quality as yr Eddies, badgeholders, Saturday Night but it is an amazing show. Tbh I dont usually have the patience to listen to dogshit audience recordings but i make an exception for this one
  4. always thought that the bit around 1.25 - 1.29 on sounded a bit strange but he did look fucking cool
  5. Reckon Godfather will press it? They've been kind of hit and miss with some of the 75 and 77 stuff ie theyve passed on the vancouver, nassau, seattle 75 releases, New york 77 blah
  6. I don't know why EV don't release the jewel case edition a couple of weeks after the limited releases pre-empting the Eelgrass version instead of 10 months later when everyones bored.
  7. For the price its shame they didnt continue the rigid book format, I always thought them extremely tasteful and would make perfect accompaniment to powhatan confed and Bringing the House Down hello btw
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