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    My family, both my boys are veteran concert goers. They're 8 and 5 at the time of writing.LZ, cars, guitar hero, poker, etc.
  1. Last shows I went were one weekend this summer. Saw Heart on a friday night. That was my youngest first show. He's 4. It was oldest 2nd show. He's 7. He saw heart with me in 2003. On Sunday the whole family went saw ZZ Top Pretenders and Stray Cats. A good time was had by all
  2. 45 years old. I remeber my older brother brining home LZ II when I was 7. I spent all afternoon looking at the front and middle of the record jacket. I became a fan at an early age I guess. I thanked my brother years later with ticket to see Page and Plant in 98. Saw them in 95 and Jimmy with the firm in the mid 80's. Had a ticket and ride to see LZ in 77 but the fates intervened. still got the entire catalog up to Coda on vinyl. Jim
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