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    My family, both my boys are veteran concert goers. They're 8 and 5 at the time of writing.LZ, cars, guitar hero, poker, etc.
  1. Jimmy Page Billy Gibbons Joe Perry Richie Blackmore Slash Gretchen Menn And so many more. And, don't forget the folks out there right now struggling to make it. Go out to club and support the local music scene.
  2. Beautiful car. Always loved Cords. If I spring for it can I get an autographed guitar? LOL
  3. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Get Ann Wison and her sister Nancy. I've seen do LZ songs live and they hit out of the park every time. They could tour under the name Heart of Zeppelin or something like that.
  4. Instead of Coverdale, who once I needed hearing aids, might do an acceptable job. Let's think out side the box the box for a few. Why not get Ann wilson of Heart to do the job? For that matter include her sister Nancy. I've seen Heart do LZ songs live and loved it. Can you imagine what those two would bring to the table? At least there would be a respect for the music. I'm thinking it's a no brainer.
  5. Aside from all the other reasons, scenarios, and speculation, wasn't the project begun as a one off record to finish up the Yardbirds contract? And, with any or all of those mentioned it probably would have been a one off deal. Plus there might not have been The Who's Tommy, no blind Faith, etc. And most importantly would have been the trajectory as rock as a whole, and hard rock and metal in particular? The corporations would have squeezed the life out of music sooner and started rolling out the crap they call popular music a lot sooner. LZ was one those few bands that left more than a few go
  6. As much as I like the idea, wasn't Homer big into Queen? As matter of fact I was into Queen back in 74. Not as much a LZ, but there it is. And, don't you think Paul Rodgers would look great drawn as a Simpson? Just a thought.
  7. I've got digital and if you do too, just search LZ and it will come up. i got on my dvr and have been wearing it out. It's so cool to other footage than SRTS although I hear the new reissue has a second disk of unseen stuff. Jim
  8. BIOH because the of the high energy after the intro. The urgency in Plant's vocals is enough, but Jimmy's guitars riffs finish me off.
  9. I hear snatches of Bonzo in others from time to time. Lotta good drummers out there but it's unfair to compare them with someone with such a unique style. Like all great musician there's a quality there that can be imitated but not duplicated. I just hope he fits in with his new band where ever he's at.
  10. Last shows I went were one weekend this summer. Saw Heart on a friday night. That was my youngest first show. He's 4. It was oldest 2nd show. He's 7. He saw heart with me in 2003. On Sunday the whole family went saw ZZ Top Pretenders and Stray Cats. A good time was had by all
  11. 45 years old. I remeber my older brother brining home LZ II when I was 7. I spent all afternoon looking at the front and middle of the record jacket. I became a fan at an early age I guess. I thanked my brother years later with ticket to see Page and Plant in 98. Saw them in 95 and Jimmy with the firm in the mid 80's. Had a ticket and ride to see LZ in 77 but the fates intervened. still got the entire catalog up to Coda on vinyl. Jim
  12. Other bands, good as they may be have toured without original members. A long time time has past, a repectable intreval I think and I hope the do come around.I agree with some of the other comments about Jason. He wasn't the original drummer but he learned his chops at his Dad's knee. It's in his DNA. Besides, what a fitting tribute to his father to carry on in his stead. So, if the stars align and there is a stampede of baby elephants on tuesday, causing a blind man to see and LZ to come out on tour, I'll be there. If I were you Iwouldn't miss it.
  13. White Punks On Dope-The Tubes or White Summer your choice
  14. Not really sure JPJ ever really craved the spotlight. His music did shined for him and made his presence felt. Too bad things went like they did at the end of the band. I think JPJ really shined on In Through The Out Door. He really turned in a great performance under, from what I understand, were less than ideal circumstances. And ITTOD was not my favorite album. In fact it took me a long time to fully appreciate it but, my 16 year old ears (then) knew that JPJ laid down some grat work. Jim
  15. Why not just bring Allison along too? It will Jonesy someone to play bluegrass with and drumroll please, it'll sure make it easier to do Battle of Evermore. I saw Heart do that last summer and they owned it. I'm sure Robert could get through it with Allison alright.
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