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  1. heres a less cheesy one of me looking reflective, I was feeling a bit lovesick at the time. Some of you may have seen it before as i posted it way back when i first came on the board.
  2. Thanks Miss HoneyDripper Ive been compared to just about every old school musician lol Jim Morrison, Robert Plant, Ozzy Osbourne mainly its just the long hair that makes people say it. I used to be compared to Dylan or Donovan when it was shorter but i get a lot of people commenting on it in bars not all good reactions either. Oddly enougth the other day somebody shouted Led Zeppelin hair at me which was a first found it quite funny thougth
  3. Cools pics everyone looking beautful as always Noora Heres an old pic of me but i havent changed much of late apart from my hair is a little longer now and more curly. Really wish i had striaght hair sometimes mine doesnt seem to want to conform to any style. Gonna post some new pics soon when i get my new digital camera. check that for a cheesy smile.
  4. Since Ive Been Loving You- love this song as its both uplifitng yet relaxing and mellow at the same time if you know what I mean. Tangerine- This was one of the songs that help convert me into a Zeppelin fan along with some of their other acoustic stuff. Also like Thankyou and The Rain Song, but to be onest i couldnt put them any particular order there all equally as good to me for different reasons and all conjure up romantic feelings .
  5. Moonlight Shadow- Mike Oldfield, a real guilty pleasure for me.
  6. Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carrol-Bob Dylan Live version from The Rolling Thunder Revue tour 1975
  7. Nights In White Sateen-The Moody Blues Live At The Ilse Of White 1970
  8. See me Feel me-The Who Live version from Woodstock
  9. First albums I bought were Led Zepplin and Led Zeppelin 4 at HMV some old two for ten pound deal or something like that.
  10. I myself am not a Pagan but respect it as a belief, and have friends and family who are Pagans. Find Pagan people to be very friendly in general .
  11. Would be great to see them do something for their 40th anniversary, with other well known musicians joining in. We can only hope they do something to celebrate it even if its not with a new live performance maybe an extended release of the 2003 DVD. Would be great to see an offfical release of the Earls Court shows too to replace the shoddy bootleg thats currently been sold in some shops and online.
  12. The Spicegirls lmao there not in the same class as LZ, their just some placid pop group from the 90s looking to make a quick dollar of people with a comeback.
  13. Noora said 'Hahah sounds cool to me' Cool pics Reswati the bottom two made me laugth.
  14. Nice pictures everyone Noora Said 'That's right ' Yeah we are going to demand to change the name of the thread to the Luke and Noora thread lol, just kidding .
  15. Docron said 'Need we get you two your own thread a'la "Spats' Love-blahblahblah"?' Nah its ok wel just take over this thread lol
  16. Noora said 'Haha that poem must be awesome' Awsome is the word for it an awsome poem for a really cool girl and much more.
  17. Noora said 'Yes I'm sure it does' Wrote a pretty cool poem not so long ago about a certain Finnish Hippy girl you might know Cool pics everyone, Peep Solero now we know why Robert Plant hasnt had the time to do another Zeppelin gig you kidnapped him.
  18. Noora said-'Haha oh.. I'm sorry but Luke is my number one guy now' Thanks Noora I feel honoured, you are my number one girl . Having great inspiration helps when writing a poem too .
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