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  1. What made me happy today? I've just finished watching a documentary on Jeff Buckley and have again realised the preciousness of life.
  2. Hamd - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. The first time I heard this song it was a twenty second sample on an encyclopedia CD fifteen years ago. I thought it, dreamt it and became obsessed by it. I was hooked. It was if the sky broke open and revealed its truths to me in twenty seconds, as long as I kept hitting the Repeat button. I spent five years hunting down the LP and the full version of the song that haunted my dreams. Music at its best.
  3. I think I just soiled myself. Is it the December 08 or Jan 09 edition SIBLY? Is it worthy? I can only find the one with Paul Weller on the front.
  4. Tribal Dances/Tribal Drums - Helm and FatChance Bellydance. The Karachi rocks my socks.
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