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  1. I've just recently got hold of a copy of "Burn Like a Candle" which is the show that was used for the majority of HTWWW. Is it just me, but I actually prefer the "raw" audience recording more than the polished produced sound on HTWWW.
  2. Can anyone tell me what the WORD font (letter style) is for the LZ logo?
  3. JR, I've ordered my copy from a japanese site. This is the full show. Suppliers are not that hard to find on the net. The Amazon DVD is incomplete but it is still pretty good. Leave your e mail address and I'll send you the details.
  4. Was at the first Knebworth show, camping on site. My main memory is the Violin bow section complete with the laser beams which was awesome at the time. Applied for tickets for the 02, unfortunately I was unsuccessful. I too am praying for a tour. Really into LZ again at the moment and I've just ordered the Knebworth show on DVD which I'm really looking forward to seeing again.
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