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  1. Listen to Joe's (with Jason) version of Tea for one. Christ, it's even better than the original. It's on his album "You & Me"
  2. Just heard this guy, fantastic blues guitarist and his producer is Kevin "Caveman" Shirley and Jason has played on one of his albums. Check him out, especially Sloe Gin.
  3. dfunk, can you copy and paste what Pete has to say? Its just that I cannot open up the page.
  4. Who can come up with the best name for the new JP, JPJ, JB and ? Band. My suggestion - Four Symbols With 2 new symbols for the 2 new members.
  5. Full marks also to Britains Mirror newspaper who described "Status Quo's" guitairist Jimmy Page!
  6. Has anybody any idea if the new JP / LL version of Whole Lotta Love is going to be released at some point??
  7. Did Jimmy have to pass a drugs test to appear at the Olympics
  8. Didn't RP also make a mistake during the call and response section with the audience? The audience seemed to get it right.
  9. I think the drugs (heroin) had a lot to do with it. The same can be said about Jimmy, as his performances also deteriorated after 75.
  10. ISIS


    I have heard over 200 shows and up until recently Listen to this Eddie was more all time favourite. However i've just heard Conspiracy Theory - San Diego 14.3.75. The sound quality on this CD is awesome and the best I have ever heard. This Cd is a must, absolutely amazing!!
  11. I'm really sad with this news. I saw Jeff with my 16 year old daughter in BB king's blues club in New York in 03. She didn't want to go, but I persuaded her and we both thought it was an amazing gig. Loved his version of All along the Watchtower and While my guitar gently weeps. A very sad day.
  12. I've tried an e mail to Luis but he's not replying at the moment.
  13. Ok, so no release of the 02 show on DVD, I'm trying to be positive here, is it because they want to use some of the visuals used in the 02 show for future performances and if everyone had already seen it on the 02 DVD it would lessen the live experience?
  14. If the band meeting decided there would be no tour or release of a DVD, then why don't they just come out and tell us. At least we would know where we are. I'm not convinced.
  15. I meant total cd's including variations of some dates etc. There must be thousands. Some new shows are still being found. At what rate are they still being released?
  16. Just wondering if anyone knows roughly how many LZ Boot cd's are out there? I know it would be impossible to collect them all, but who has the biggest collection? I've got about 65 and I know that's only scratching the surface. Are LZ the most bootlegged artist ever or do The Beatles or Dylan have more boot cd's?
  17. Wouldn't it be great if the reformed LZ could beat this record with a performance in RIO in 2009 for over 4 million. It's possible!
  18. I've just recently got hold of a copy of "Burn Like a Candle" which is the show that was used for the majority of HTWWW. Is it just me, but I actually prefer the "raw" audience recording more than the polished produced sound on HTWWW.
  19. Will Luis Rey ever update his excellent book "Led Zeppelin Live"? The last "final edition" was published in 1997 and he could not have realised how many more shows could have been unearthed. It really would be great to have his book updated as he is such an authority on the band live in concert. Did Luis see the 02 show as I know he never saw them 68 -80?
  20. Can anyone tell me what the WORD font (letter style) is for the LZ logo?
  21. JR, I've ordered my copy from a japanese site. This is the full show. Suppliers are not that hard to find on the net. The Amazon DVD is incomplete but it is still pretty good. Leave your e mail address and I'll send you the details.
  22. Was at the first Knebworth show, camping on site. My main memory is the Violin bow section complete with the laser beams which was awesome at the time. Applied for tickets for the 02, unfortunately I was unsuccessful. I too am praying for a tour. Really into LZ again at the moment and I've just ordered the Knebworth show on DVD which I'm really looking forward to seeing again.
  23. Igg, Many thanks for your comments. I must admit my tinitus does not help with this either!
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