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  1. Hahahahaha that's an awesome article. Sounds like a rowdy fuckin' good time.
  2. Might have to check this guy out... The descriptions of his music and his influences sound interesting.
  3. Well, Jahfin is right. This is an absolutely fabulous look at mid '70s live Dylan. There's a lot of re-worked versions of past works that are frankly better (especially "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You" and "The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carrol". There's also a decent amount of tracks off the mid-70s Dylan albums, like Blood on the Tracks and Desire, with the latter album having live cuts on this album make the studio version seem somewhat pale in comparison, with songs like "Isis" and "Oh, Sister". I think it might be my favorite of the Bootleg series myself, even though I only have
  4. Yeah, I actually read about this yesterday. Totally not worth it. Music is a big part of my life, but I wouldn't spend 3 million on it even if I HAD that much money to blow. There's far greater things to use that money on than that. And besides, everyone knows that one can listen to 3 million albums during their lifetime. There's a lot of shit in there too, I'm sure of.
  5. I'm not a fan, at least not anymore. I don't really give a damn about his solo career, and I pretty much hate Cream, but I have a soft spot for the Layla album. I think it's because of Duane rather than Eric. Oh well. I can see why people like him so much though. Just not my cup of tea.
  6. Debating between getting Beggars Banquet or Let It Bleed next. Can't decide.
  7. That sucks. Although I'm not too familiar with the genre in all honesty (I've only really touched upon its biggest artists; many that've been mentioned already: Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt, Wilco, Whiskeytown/Ryan Adams, etc., from what I've read this magazine has been very integral in its movement.
  8. I have Uncle Tupelo's Anodyne album, and while I like it decently, I think both of the "side project bands" (ahem, funny because both "side bands" became bigger than the original band) are better. I only own Okemah And The Melody of Riot from Son Volt. It's okay, but it is a bit boring at times. I think Farrar is a solid lyricist though. It's just something about his vocals. Gimme Jeff Tweedy and Ryan Adams any day of the week. Although I've been meaning to purchase Trace for a while now.
  9. Yeah, that looks like a pretty good starter set for sure. It's pretty well-rounded era-wise. It would seem a little too heavy for me, as I like to buy an album or two of an artist at a time and let it soak in, and I'd be afraid I'd burn out too quickly with so many albums at my immediate disposal (as I know I'd listen to them all at once). But like I said, that's a nice boxset. If you don't have those albums yet, then you should get them pronto, despite the fact that I'm sure it's pricey. I already own about half of those albums. I own all of his '60s output and around 3 70's albums. T
  10. As you can see, I've been on a bit of a Dylan/Young kick lately. I've always ranked them as two of my favorite artists, but only owned the "essential" Dylan albums and a couple Young records, but now I'm going through their back catalogue, and it's truly a treat...
  11. Isn't this a reference to the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band album? Regardless, it's a reminder to check it out ASAP, as I've had it on my wishlist for a while now.
  12. I am one of the couple other fans here. Thanks.
  13. Speaking of Dylan... Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan Bob Dylan - Modern Times (/w bonus DVD) The National - Alligator Neil Young - Everybody Knows This is Nowhere
  14. Awesome! I love "Lay Down Your Head" and "Time" especially.
  15. Waaaaaay too many to name... (I realize my post is useless in result, but oh well.) My top 10 artists fluctuate constantly.
  16. Well yesterday I FINALLY got my room clean at my old house... It took quite a while, so I went through several albums yesterday:
  17. That may end up being the case. Because I, for one, am part of the camp you mention. I find it pretty disappointing. It's funny how just about every review I've read says it's "his most consistent record", yet I feel the opposite. When I played the album at first, and the several following times, I kept thinking "Oh, this is a good song", and it would be followed by "Meh" for the next track. I think the EP he released is even worse. The consistency for me reminded me a lot of Demolition. Tracks like "The Sun Also Sets", "Pearls On A String" and "I Taught Myself How To Grow Old" are great th
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