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  1. boogie

    Wishbone Ash

    i have the original vinyl also, plus a few other vinyl ash albums. love them all. i say, get it, you'll like it.
  2. boogie

    toughest female movie hero's

    take away her knife....
  3. boogie

    It was 38 years ago on the 4th

    sad day, was in 6th grade. could not then, and still not now, understand how that could happen.
  4. boogie

    toughest female movie hero's

    in recent years there have been a lot of strong female toughs, in movies. but i don't think any could touch sigorny weaver's "ripley", in "aliens". she's smart, strong, and will kick alien ass. then we got "sara conner", from terminater. she's close, but no cigar. who else should make this list? and who is toughest?
  5. my family spends a lot of time together, and for 10 r 12 years, we would spend a summer weekend camping in a cousin's back yard for a week end. i had a 15 year old cousin who was learning to play guitar. and i sort of forced him to watch tsrts and the '03 cd in the wee hours of the night. i gave him a history of the band, and told him what to look for with each band member. he was very polite, and appeared to study the band. a year later, he told me zep was his fav. band, and he had bought both cd's. he's a smart kid and has a good job. a couple of weeks ago he got married, and his wedding march was an instramental "stairway to heaven". it just blew me away. i told my wife,"hear that? that's for me." she laughed, " like you have influence." well later on he came up to me and asked if i liked the wedding march. and told me, it was because of me, that they choose that song. it's one of my most proud moments.
  6. boogie

    The infamous "Stairway" backmasking...

    did it back in the old days, sounded creepy, but no satonic words, or any other words.
  7. no, no no... look at the who, and the stones, they both put out new music most every year, but what everyone wants to hear is the old classic stuff. new stuff, fine. but play the old, even if it's in a new way.
  8. boogie

    Stone Temple Pilots

    been to a bunch of stp shows, loved'em all. got all the cd's love'em all, this is one of the few bands that i like most every song, except for the last cd. hate it. when they tour i'll go. but i will not buy a new cd just because it's stp. it will have to be really good.
  9. boogie

    What are you watching on TV now?

    ALIENS, sigourney weaver, is the toughest chick ever.
  10. boogie

    Keith Richards, and marijuana.

    twist a bone, inhale, slowly, hold your breath. relax..... exhale.....don't get pumped over shit we've been hearing for decades...not to worry , those people are almost all dead. soon we'll be able to toke legally everywhere.
  11. boogie

    What's your latest CD, Vinyl, DVD purchase

    i was embarest to own a loggins and messina best of album that came in the mail because i didn't send the card back in time. after a while i got rid of it. too much shit at parties..
  12. boogie

    Top Three Bassist

    30 years of research, jpj, gezeer, paul....
  13. boogie

    flip floping fav. bands

    yes, but soon as i put on any zep, that's what's best. then i put on say, beatles for sale, and that's the best. then zep III, and that's the best. get it? can't decide.
  14. boogie

    flip floping fav. bands

    how can tha be?, have that on right now....
  15. boogie

    flip floping fav. bands

    this is not a who's the best, beatles or zep thead. it's, do you have 2 or more artists/ bands that vie for your fav spot? the beatles and zep just happen to be mine. it could be the monkeys vs metalica. you just can't decide.