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    wrenching on cars while listening to zeppelin. <br />trackdays on my gixxer while listening to zeppelin.<br />playing guitar while listening to zeppelin.<br />listening to zeppelin while listening to zeppelin...<br /><br />and bowling.
  1. EDIT: title should read Ben E. King! im a dumbass probably been posted before, but what the hell? Freakin great tune!!
  2. wow, I had no idea, he seemed really into it at the time? How can you perform all those songs and not like the original singer? Well anyway, he did do a hell of a job considering.
  3. Chris robinson would be great. He already did a great job with jimmy at the greek, and he's young enough to still pull off some of those high notes. Plus he knows all the songs and he loves the blues so they could do lots of stuff from the first couple albums. Jimmy, john paul, jason and chris....I'd pay big money to see that!
  4. I'll bet there's more than a few of their "poorer" performances from the latter half of the 70's that they wouldn't mind being taken down. Some of those unsweeted bootleg vids are pretty awful. Did I just say that?
  5. Listen to the knebworth version from the dvd, IMO it's way better than the studio recording. Faster tempo and JB's drumming is just sick. I know jimmy made some subtle tweaks from the original soundboard but once you get past that, it's an amazing performance. Plus, and I may get bashed for saying this but jimmy was getting heavy into heroin during the presence sessions and you can almost feel the "presence" of the drug within that guitar solo. So warm and sexy sounding but at the same time the guitar crys out in almost a painful way. I don't know, for some reason whenever I hear pa
  6. Leaves are falling all around, time...I was on my way......
  7. Perhaps "stolen" was too harsh a word, how about influenced? Personally, I think the hardest part of songwriting is coming up with that opening line. I'm sure I don't have to tell you there are quite a few of their songs that use the first lines from old american blues artists. Take a listen to "drop down mama" from sleepy and see what comes to mind? And you know what? I don't give a shit! Led Zeppelin did their thing and I will forever consider them rock gods.
  8. I really tried to search before I started this topic, but since it won't search for anything with 4 letter words or less it was pretty much a pointless endeavor. Anyway, this song rocks! I never picked up the BBC sessions and just when I thought i'd heard every studio recording, the local classic rock station did a all zep weekend and played it. Even if it was stolen from estes, robert put his spin on it and the riff and solo is amazing. Seriously is there anything better than '69 plant vocals?
  9. Exactly. I once heard that they wrote black dog with the intention of it being undanceable.
  10. No one has anything to say about this song? I can't stop listening to it
  11. I thought i remembered reading on the garden tapes that at the 75 EC show he broke a string right before the solo to stairway and was forced to play it on different strings? I'm not a guitar player so I couldn't tell by the vid, but it did sound different from other solos of STH that i've heard.
  12. Anyone ever hear this otis rush song performed by zep? Great cover, really excellent harmonica by the golden god.
  13. They rarely ever licensed their original stuff for movies yet somehow this one disaster got through. I guess you could chalk it up to Jimmy having a mid life crisis perhaps?
  14. It's been ten years but does anyone still remember this joke of a collaboration which featured page and kashmir remixed by puff daddy? Damnit Jimmy why did you soil the great name of zeppelin with this garbage???
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