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  1. Mr. Jones, over in another thread you used a F bomb in regards to what Plant did to Page. You sure were negative the way you talked about Plant, but thats OK when you do it.........Right?
  2. Dont feel so good, my feelings are not hurt, trashing me over your "Idol" could never do that. Just pointing out how rediculous many of you are. Not hardly. Im very comfortable here.
  3. Since this thread started I have been told to: F off, Talk to a wall I have been called: a AS#, a Ars#, a Dorko, a Whiny child, a Troll and many hope that I die I can't repeat what has been personal messaged. All this over a disagreement over the lead singer of a rock and roll band. Is Plant really the high point in your lives? If so, its not me that needs to get a life.........its you. Sorry that your lives are so boring that you will take personal shots at somebody over a rock and roll singer. There are many more important people out there then the members of Led Zeppelin, hopefully mem
  4. I just hope that Plant can do another stellar song like Ya La. I perfer it to Stairway. I sure hope that Ya La does not become a albatros around his neck. I sure would hate to stop hearing him sing it.
  5. Hello Ms. Pagette. Hate is very strong. I have no hate or ill feelings towards Plant. He is my favorite singer that has even sang for my favorite band 3 times in the last 27 years. If anyone should be angry it's Page. Looks like Plant is going to hang him out again like he did back in Dec. 1998. I can't remember the details from then. Mr. Jones, do you have any more info on what Plant did?
  6. All this bad karma being thrown my way.........too bad it does not work. I guess if Plant decides to tour with his old mates he will send each and everyone of you free first row seats for your blind loyalty. Gee, then you can trade them in for Alison/Plant tickets. Back to Ya La.
  7. Wow, 19 thousand fans out of about 20 million fans that registered for tickets and almost a billion hits at the web site. That sure was generous of him. And look what those fans had to go through to be there. Believe me, the fans were way down the list as far as a reason for Plant to do it. Get real.
  8. Websters Definition: PURE- Having a homogeneous or uniform composition; not mixed. Websters Definition: INTEGRITY- Rigid adherence to a code of behavior; probity. Well.............over the years just about everything Plant has said about LZ is mixed (see my last post). And, when someone gives "mixed" signals over and over again and is all over the board on something, people might start to question that persons integrity.
  9. Plant has brought this question of purity on himself. Over the many years........one minute he wants to play with Page, the next he dose not............one minute play LZ while solo, the next not............one minute think that Stairway to Heaven is a albatros around his neck, the next sing it............and on and on and on until you start to question his integrity.
  10. Thank You, that's exactly what I have been trying to say. Maybe it is time that they (Plant that is) do one for the fans too, whats wrong with that??
  11. WOW,................the language here is impressive. Lots of estrogen and testosterone around here. But if thats what makes you happy.........................
  12. Hello Ms. Pagette. Im glad that you are a grown woman. The way that you talk around here. I was beginning to think that you were a fifth grader. Maybe now you can act your real age. Plant may be one of the kindest most charitable persons out there on non LZ issues. I have only said that when it comes to "sharing LZ" with his fans he is selfish. I realize that the truth hurts sometimes and that is why you are all attacking me. And if you must "Curse" like fifth graders to make yourself feel better, then by all means have at it. I wont stoop that low. Im sure that more rank personal message
  13. I am amazed how you all get your blood pressure up over a different opinion. Right or wrong, thats all it is.............my opinion. You can go back through my posts, no cursing and no putting anyone else down for their posted opinion. I can enjoy LZ and have any opinion that I want to about Plant. You do not even have to respond. I think that I will go listen to Ya La now.
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