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  1. Hold the phone. I thought that between the Page/George Marino remasters of 1990 and the just-completed reissues, there was no remastering, which is why I never bothered with Mothership (already having all the tracks is another). 

    So was there remastering (or, using rmaiolo's term "mastering") done on Mothership?

    The booklet states:

    Remastering: John Davis at Alchemy Mastering, London

    and yes, I realize I'm in the minority by enjoying the sound on this set...

  2. I prefer the Quad versions of TDSOTM and WYWH over the 5.1 mixes, better use of surround sound imo. James Guthrie's 5.1 mixes have a more double stereo feel to them in the main,but the Quad versions are all around your head. 

    As do I....WYWH seemed to have a lot of extras on the quad mix (like the background singers coming in before the first verses of SOYCD...extra sounds in the opening of WTTM... )


    As to the Mothership redux..that's a shame, I really feel the mastering on those discs were the most superior of all..I feel they are much better than what was done for the box sets (to my ears anyway...wish I could find something actual to back up why I may prefer them) 

  3. JUst bought it, I'm kinda partial to the tune, obviously!

    If the rest of ITTOD outtakes are as good as this one, it will really be worth the money.

    Vocals are clearer, JPs' guitar solo is very front and center. Plant's vocals are almost hoarse but have some nice urgency to them. The "slamming door effect" in his solo is almost completely buried.

    Very good stuff.

    I just tried to purchase it..it hanged for a long while, and now seems to be no longer available for purchase :(

  4. I just redeemed my HD download code for the deluxe Physical Graffiti boxset. To my surprise they are serving up the main album in 44.1/24 not 96/24 that was advertised. Anyone else notice this? I see over at hdtracks.com they are offering the album in 96/24.


    just letting people know WMG provided me an updated link after I emailed them regarding this..

  5. I know that other online vendors (HDtracks, Qobuz, Highresaudio, etc.) all have the proper 24/96 files. When I went to download my copy today, I had an error -- I wonder if the wrong file-set was uploaded or something?

    EDIT: Seems that way. Other people are reporting 24/44 downloads, and Sam just responded in the main reissue thread.

    FWIW...I just got an email with an updated link after contacting WMG

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