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  1. That's the same version as at my local store! "Rampaging Cajun". Same cover, too. Sounds absolutely superb! Yeah, I can see your point...I actually called Jim (store owner) to confirm what you said about Long Beach and he said it's a "high-quality matrix". Sounds promising, then... Edit: Forgot to mention that it's pretty easy to slow down /speed up any incorrectly running shows anyway, so performance quality alone is really the only issue I'm looking for recommendations on here.
  2. Tried it. Regrettably, my DL manager doesn't like megaupload. Downloads start about 30% of the time, but come out corrupted. Usually they simpyl won't work with MU at all.
  3. Sorry for double-post, but I just realized that I forgot to thank Tom for his recommendations. So, thanks man! P.S. I should also add that I can't "assure" anyone that the Nawlins show is a SBD, as I've never heard of that particular SBD seeing release, but given that, in my experience, this place only stocks 'Board recordings, it seems fairly likely.
  4. Well, in my experience with 1) the labels releasing the boots, 2) the packaging, and 3) most crucially, the store I'm buying them from, I can assure that they are all complete, high-quality SBDs with no speed issues (The man pre-tests copies all of the boots he keeps in stock, and he's collected for 30 years, so...yeah, I trust him on this ). I'm buying them more for the instant gratification of it, really. My internet threshold is not unlimited until after 2am, so downloading can be a hassle unless the show is really, really good. And. finally, I'm aware that they are not the "best" shows, but what does that matter? It certainly doesn't hurt to expand one's collection, and anyway, these are the only ones that the store has that I don't already own.
  5. Wow. "Been a long time..." indeed. OK, I've been off the forum for quite a while, but I'm back now, and I need the help of some knowledgeable collectors. I seem to remember there being quite a few here. So, I have an agonizing choice between 5 shows that I could purchase at the nearest record store. They are all soundboards (that's all the owner stocks without "special orders", unfortunately ). Make no mistake, I will get all of these eventually, but I can only get one for now and I need to know where I should place my priorities. The shows are: May 18, 1973 (New Orleans) February 28, 1975 (Baton Rouge) March 11, 1975 (Long Beach) June 7, 1977 (New York) There is also "Conspiracy Theory" from May 1975 but I can't remember the exact date. Speaking of which, these are all from what I remember on the album covers, so I'm sorry if I messed up any of the dates. Thanks in advance for any and all help received! (Man, it feels good to be back! )
  6. Please, keep it to the LA and Long Beach 72 shows... I'll start. I would have added Tangerine (from LA) and would have switched Stairway to the LA version right after the guitar solo.
  7. Hi, well said. You are the first person to agree with me on this. Stairway's good, but Kashmir's definitely better. And all that nonsense of backmasting Stairway, just to hear Rob say backwards, "here's to my sweet satan" is completely b.s.

  8. --This should probably be pinned so no more "best setlist" or "ideal setlist" posts crop up-- Just list what you think is their best setlist and follow it up what with what you think an ideal setlist wouldve been. Mine: Knebworth (4th) is their best setlist IMO. For newbies, that consisted of: 1. The Song Remains the Same 2. Celebration Day 3. Black Dog 4. Nobody's Fault but Mine 5. Over the Hills and Far Away 6. Misty Mountain Hop 7. Since I've Been Loving You 8. No Quarter 9. Ten Years Gone (BEST VERSION KNOWN TO MAN IMHO) 10. Hot Dog 11. The Rain Song 12. White Summer / Black Mountain Side 13. Kashmir 14 Trampled Under Foot 15. Sick Again 16. Achilles Last Stand 17. Guitar Solo / Noise Solo / In the Evening 18. Stairway to Heaven 19 Rock and Roll (1st Encore) 20. Whole Lotta Love (2nd Encore) 21. Heartbreaker (3rd Encore) No Dazed, CB, or Moby sadly but its still the best running order in all of Zep... (although CB was done the second week anyway) My IDEAL ZeppList: 1. Immigrant Song 2. Celebration Day 3. Black Dog (w/ "Out on the Tiles" intro, BIOH sucked as an intro riff for this) 4. Over the Hills and Far Away 5. When the Levee Breaks (Note: I'm playing fast-and-loose with what they can actually do live) 6. The Rover (FULL-LENGTH) 7. Sick Again 8. Since I've Been Loving You 9. No Quarter 10. Dancing Days 11. What is and What Should Never Be 12. The Song Remains the Same 13. The Rain Song 14. White Summer / Black Mountain Side 15. Going to California 16. That's the Way 17. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp 18. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You 19. Trampled Under Foot 20. Hot Dog 21. All My Love 22. In the Evening 23. Nobody's Fault But Mine 24. Ten Years Gone 25. Kashmir 26. Achilles Last Stand 27. Dazed and Confused 28. Stairway to Heaven ENCORES: Rock and Roll Heartbreaker Night Flight The Ocean Whole Lotta Love Communication Breakdown Bring it on Home (and when the crowd STILL wants more and is screaming "MORE ZEPP, MORE ZEPP!!!!"): We're Gonna Groove / I Can't Quit You Baby (and after Robert says "Goodnight, (whatever city)!" and the crowd riots): ROBERT: "Thank you very very much, yes thank you...Alright well, unfortunately we've gotta leave you, but we'll play one more...I don't think we've done this in about, eh, (*lets say this is 75*) five years I think..." Jimmy tunes up and then they play: Somethin' Else ----AND THEN THE CROWD FINALLY LETS THEM LEAVE BECAUSE THEY HAVE ALL FAINTED DUE TO THE RAW MUSICAL FORCES AT WORK---- I think I had WAAAAY too much fun writing that second half (my "ideal" setlist pushes five hours *without* banter from Robert...) But let's see if anyone can come up with a better setlist (preferably a more realistic one) Edited to say please forgive my ridiculousness writing those last two encores, (especially that "RAW MUSICAL FORCES" bit, it's 12:23 and I cant think straight, sorry.
  9. Although it factors in, the solo is only a small part of how I judge TYG. I judge it based on consistency, how good Percy's voice is, the tone and volume of the guitar, and how well the band are working as a unit...that said, I quite like the first Cleveland version (4/27/77 I think) and Knebworth, even though everybody has them. I've heard Cleveland (that is, the first night) get maligned a lot but that is easily the best song from that whole show, with IMTOD as 2nd. But I like Knebworth marginally better. The Copenhagen versions are tied at 3rd runner-up. Technically they are probably better but I guess Knebby and Cleveland are just more to my taste for some reason.
  10. Crap...yeah that's the one on my July 7th bootleg at the very end...Seems to me I knew that once...but I guess it just slipped my mind. Now let's get back on topic, shall we?
  11. WOW. Evidently the boys still had some of that magic...(although I think they listened to the studio version a little too much before playing it ) There are a couple of minor slip ups on Pagey's part but all in all I think this is an excellent version, especially considering that it's post-Zep. There are a few moments when I think Plant thinks he's back in the 70s, a couple of nice "perormance" touches despite this being heavily based on the studio version. But it's understandable that he would get back in that sort of mood, considering they hadn't played this since July 7th, 1980... Any one else enjoy this version as much as I do?
  12. Although HOTH is my overall favourite album, I like the way Robert's voice sounds during the recording of PG the best...that raspy tone always gets to me on tracks like Custard Pie and TU especially. LZ I would be my second pick...that raw power behind his voice is all too evident. THEN comes his HOTH voice.
  13. Strange Sensation. Now you're all saying: "HERETIC!!!!" Would I have absolutely LOVED to see Zepp in their heyday or the O2? HELL YEAH! But would I want to see a repetitive tour with tuned-down songs, internal tensions (Robert doesnt wanna tour, he has said numerous time) and a stripped down set? NO! Look Zepp are AWESOME!!! They are like Gods to me. THE GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME! But thats part of the magic, isnt it? The fact that they were around for so short a time, but their legacy has lasted so long is AMAZING. If Zepp had stayed around longer they would've continued in the downhill slump they were in back in 80...Forgive me for overusing the term but part of the magic of Zeppelin, for me at least, is that they represent a different time, different and better than any music today. And that they disbanded LONG before I was born kind of solidifies them in time for me. Zepp's music, power, and inspiration is ETERNAL. Even if Zepp itself wasnt. Its difficult to explain (lemme use "magic" one last time) but the magic of Zepp is that they didnt last forever... So to put it in simpler terms, I would rather remember them as they were than see them as they are...
  14. I won't vote here because the right question wasn't asked... Although the song title was inspired by Percy's crash, most of the album was already written at this point...ALS was at least partially written as far back as PG, maybe sooner. They already had a completed rhythym section back in 73, so it's reasonable to assume they wrote at least the rest of the instrumentals after the 73 tour. Page even says they worked on it for quite a while...it just wasnt recorded until Presence (which I would like to put on record here, is one of my top 3 Zep albums...I love this album). Robert's lyrics are mostly philosophical, they have little to do with the crash. I just think the title was inspired by this. And most of the other songs were probably also at least in the works, rarely does a band start completely from scratch making an album (they especially wouldnt have in the 70s). So the right question is 1. Stop the crash and prevent physical and emotional trauma and possibly change the nature of the next album slightly or 2. Let it happen, everything stays the same... I pick #1
  15. The DVD edited 25th can be discussed for, well, discussion purposes but it doesnt strictly count; I'm talking about REAL versions here... My favourite: 24th Runner-Up: 25th (unedited) I like the cleaned up DVD version better than either of these but it's not up for vote as it doesnt count as a real version.
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