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  1. --This should probably be pinned so no more "best setlist" or "ideal setlist" posts crop up-- Just list what you think is their best setlist and follow it up what with what you think an ideal setlist wouldve been. Mine: Knebworth (4th) is their best setlist IMO. For newbies, that consisted of: 1. The Song Remains the Same 2. Celebration Day 3. Black Dog 4. Nobody's Fault but Mine 5. Over the Hills and Far Away 6. Misty Mountain Hop 7. Since I've Been Loving You 8. No Quarter 9. Ten Years Gone (BEST VERSION KNOWN TO MAN IMHO) 10. Hot Dog 11. The Rain Song 12. White Summer / Black Mountain Side 13. Kashmir 14 Trampled Under Foot 15. Sick Again 16. Achilles Last Stand 17. Guitar Solo / Noise Solo / In the Evening 18. Stairway to Heaven 19 Rock and Roll (1st Encore) 20. Whole Lotta Love (2nd Encore) 21. Heartbreaker (3rd Encore) No Dazed, CB, or Moby sadly but its still the best running order in all of Zep... (although CB was done the second week anyway) My IDEAL ZeppList: 1. Immigrant Song 2. Celebration Day 3. Black Dog (w/ "Out on the Tiles" intro, BIOH sucked as an intro riff for this) 4. Over the Hills and Far Away 5. When the Levee Breaks (Note: I'm playing fast-and-loose with what they can actually do live) 6. The Rover (FULL-LENGTH) 7. Sick Again 8. Since I've Been Loving You 9. No Quarter 10. Dancing Days 11. What is and What Should Never Be 12. The Song Remains the Same 13. The Rain Song 14. White Summer / Black Mountain Side 15. Going to California 16. That's the Way 17. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp 18. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You 19. Trampled Under Foot 20. Hot Dog 21. All My Love 22. In the Evening 23. Nobody's Fault But Mine 24. Ten Years Gone 25. Kashmir 26. Achilles Last Stand 27. Dazed and Confused 28. Stairway to Heaven ENCORES: Rock and Roll Heartbreaker Night Flight The Ocean Whole Lotta Love Communication Breakdown Bring it on Home (and when the crowd STILL wants more and is screaming "MORE ZEPP, MORE ZEPP!!!!"): We're Gonna Groove / I Can't Quit You Baby (and after Robert says "Goodnight, (whatever city)!" and the crowd riots): ROBERT: "Thank you very very much, yes thank you...Alright well, unfortunately we've gotta leave you, but we'll play one more...I don't think we've done this in about, eh, (*lets say this is 75*) five years I think..." Jimmy tunes up and then they play: Somethin' Else ----AND THEN THE CROWD FINALLY LETS THEM LEAVE BECAUSE THEY HAVE ALL FAINTED DUE TO THE RAW MUSICAL FORCES AT WORK---- I think I had WAAAAY too much fun writing that second half (my "ideal" setlist pushes five hours *without* banter from Robert...) But let's see if anyone can come up with a better setlist (preferably a more realistic one) Edited to say please forgive my ridiculousness writing those last two encores, (especially that "RAW MUSICAL FORCES" bit, it's 12:23 and I cant think straight, sorry.
  2. Although it factors in, the solo is only a small part of how I judge TYG. I judge it based on consistency, how good Percy's voice is, the tone and volume of the guitar, and how well the band are working as a unit...that said, I quite like the first Cleveland version (4/27/77 I think) and Knebworth, even though everybody has them. I've heard Cleveland (that is, the first night) get maligned a lot but that is easily the best song from that whole show, with IMTOD as 2nd. But I like Knebworth marginally better. The Copenhagen versions are tied at 3rd runner-up. Technically they are probably better but I guess Knebby and Cleveland are just more to my taste for some reason.
  3. The following comment will make me sound EXTREMELY dense, so forgive me for that. A- Where is the cut in NQ? B- If there is only one version, how do we know there is a cut?
  4. I love the version of TSRTS from this gig though. Robert's voice wouldn't allow him to go with his usual high approach, so he dropped everything down an octave. I'll tell ya, during the last verse he is on fire melodically: He turns the whole song into one long, lyrical hook.
  5. Where would one go about getting this from? (PM) Well, I'm gonna work on it anyway, just for my own pleasure, and to finish what I started (note that I have been attempting to upload this for like four months, it's a matter of pride now!).
  6. I made a bitchin' version of TSRTS using a mixture of all the officially released content, I believe I talked about it on this forum a few months back. Unfortunately, I'm still working on uploading it to the internet. Any tips or help with this would be appreciated.
  7. Frankfurt 1980. The only show from 79-80 I keep readily available in my CD case.
  8. I enjoy the later performances more, personally. Instead of screaming and wailing like a banshee, he actually sings it. Some songs are better with his banshee-voice, don't get me wrong. R&R, STH, WLL, all better before '73. But OTHAFA is better lower, IMHO.
  9. I've been fixing my fried computer modem. Still not fixed though, I'm on my friend's computer currently.
  10. If you mean '75 then, definitely. Not a huge fan of the '73 versions though.
  11. Personally, and I know I'll get backlash from this, I like the "Alternate" melody he does bettrer than the original. This melody has its own hooks. MSG '73, '75. 7.29.73 Rock On!!!!
  12. Please don't kill me... Stairway to Heaven **ducks behind the nearest object expecting to hear gunshots** forgive me if I sound too naive or mainstream. In order: 1. STH 2. SIBLY 3. Heartbreaker
  13. I disagree. Plant's commentary is groundbreaking. Particularly that last one.
  14. I take what I said about the Southampton Plantation back...THIS is my all-time favourite plantation. I was just listening to this show and heard this again. Too funny.
  15. Yeah. That's probably my all-time favourite Plantation! Here's another favourite of mine (April 27, '77): (Note: These are just the funny parts, not all of it) Plant: (Introducing "Over the Top") "Sweet Baby, always been the real loverboy of the band, John Henry Bonham: OVER THE TOP!!!" I just edited the funny parts together in one sentence. (Although, now that I think about it, they might be one sentence on the bootleg! I'll look into this) Basically, only the "Sweet Baby" & "Loverboy" parts are funny. It's not as funny as any of the ones you guys submitted, but still funny in it's own way.
  16. OK. Not so tired this morning, so I'll type the whole thing out. This is still part of "Stairway" on the CD: Plant: "I'll tell you what, hang on...shhhh!" (singing): "I like storms in my passway" "OK, this is eh, this one, hang on..." (says something inaudible off mic) Some guy: "EVERMORE!" Plant: "We'd very much like to do that but we've lost 3 mandolins." "And so, instead we'd like to do something that might entice the nine tenths male audience in this hall tonight to get up and be very groovy!" (Laughs off mic) "Ah, god's truth this is it!" (laughs) "Very good!" (responding to audience clapping) "This is for...hang on, who's that geezer who's name is on the bung wall, what's his name?" "Ah, this for, eh, I went downstairs, eh, we've been here quite a long time actually, as you can tell by our condition..." "Um and, uh, when I went to the toilet, as, uh...people do..." (audience laughs and claps) "You thought we didn't, didn't ya?" (laughs) "And on the wall I saw somebody's name: Alan Whitehead." "So, for dear Alan, here it is!" (WLL riff starts) Priceless!
  17. There's a plantation from Southampton U, 1973. Before WLL. I'm too lazy to listen to it now and type it all out. Someone else do it please? Anyway, he makes a bathroom joke, talks about grafitti in Bathrooms... too priceless.
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