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  1. That's the same version as at my local store! "Rampaging Cajun". Same cover, too. Sounds absolutely superb! Yeah, I can see your point...I actually called Jim (store owner) to confirm what you said about Long Beach and he said it's a "high-quality matrix". Sounds promising, then... Edit: Forgot to mention that it's pretty easy to slow down /speed up any incorrectly running shows anyway, so performance quality alone is really the only issue I'm looking for recommendations on here.
  2. Tried it. Regrettably, my DL manager doesn't like megaupload. Downloads start about 30% of the time, but come out corrupted. Usually they simpyl won't work with MU at all.
  3. Sorry for double-post, but I just realized that I forgot to thank Tom for his recommendations. So, thanks man! P.S. I should also add that I can't "assure" anyone that the Nawlins show is a SBD, as I've never heard of that particular SBD seeing release, but given that, in my experience, this place only stocks 'Board recordings, it seems fairly likely.
  4. Well, in my experience with 1) the labels releasing the boots, 2) the packaging, and 3) most crucially, the store I'm buying them from, I can assure that they are all complete, high-quality SBDs with no speed issues (The man pre-tests copies all of the boots he keeps in stock, and he's collected for 30 years, so...yeah, I trust him on this ). I'm buying them more for the instant gratification of it, really. My internet threshold is not unlimited until after 2am, so downloading can be a hassle unless the show is really, really good. And. finally, I'm aware that they are not the "best" sh
  5. Wow. "Been a long time..." indeed. OK, I've been off the forum for quite a while, but I'm back now, and I need the help of some knowledgeable collectors. I seem to remember there being quite a few here. So, I have an agonizing choice between 5 shows that I could purchase at the nearest record store. They are all soundboards (that's all the owner stocks without "special orders", unfortunately ). Make no mistake, I will get all of these eventually, but I can only get one for now and I need to know where I should place my priorities. The shows are: May 18, 1973 (New Orleans) February
  6. Please, keep it to the LA and Long Beach 72 shows... I'll start. I would have added Tangerine (from LA) and would have switched Stairway to the LA version right after the guitar solo.
  7. --This should probably be pinned so no more "best setlist" or "ideal setlist" posts crop up-- Just list what you think is their best setlist and follow it up what with what you think an ideal setlist wouldve been. Mine: Knebworth (4th) is their best setlist IMO. For newbies, that consisted of: 1. The Song Remains the Same 2. Celebration Day 3. Black Dog 4. Nobody's Fault but Mine 5. Over the Hills and Far Away 6. Misty Mountain Hop 7. Since I've Been Loving You 8. No Quarter 9. Ten Years Gone (BEST VERSION KNOWN TO MAN IMHO) 10. Hot Dog 11. The Rain Song 12. White Summe
  8. Although it factors in, the solo is only a small part of how I judge TYG. I judge it based on consistency, how good Percy's voice is, the tone and volume of the guitar, and how well the band are working as a unit...that said, I quite like the first Cleveland version (4/27/77 I think) and Knebworth, even though everybody has them. I've heard Cleveland (that is, the first night) get maligned a lot but that is easily the best song from that whole show, with IMTOD as 2nd. But I like Knebworth marginally better. The Copenhagen versions are tied at 3rd runner-up. Technically they are probably better
  9. Crap...yeah that's the one on my July 7th bootleg at the very end...Seems to me I knew that once...but I guess it just slipped my mind. Now let's get back on topic, shall we?
  10. WOW. Evidently the boys still had some of that magic...(although I think they listened to the studio version a little too much before playing it ) There are a couple of minor slip ups on Pagey's part but all in all I think this is an excellent version, especially considering that it's post-Zep. There are a few moments when I think Plant thinks he's back in the 70s, a couple of nice "perormance" touches despite this being heavily based on the studio version. But it's understandable that he would get back in that sort of mood, considering they hadn't played this since July 7th, 1980...
  11. Although HOTH is my overall favourite album, I like the way Robert's voice sounds during the recording of PG the best...that raspy tone always gets to me on tracks like Custard Pie and TU especially. LZ I would be my second pick...that raw power behind his voice is all too evident. THEN comes his HOTH voice.
  12. Strange Sensation. Now you're all saying: "HERETIC!!!!" Would I have absolutely LOVED to see Zepp in their heyday or the O2? HELL YEAH! But would I want to see a repetitive tour with tuned-down songs, internal tensions (Robert doesnt wanna tour, he has said numerous time) and a stripped down set? NO! Look Zepp are AWESOME!!! They are like Gods to me. THE GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME! But thats part of the magic, isnt it? The fact that they were around for so short a time, but their legacy has lasted so long is AMAZING. If Zepp had stayed around longer they would've continued in the downh
  13. I won't vote here because the right question wasn't asked... Although the song title was inspired by Percy's crash, most of the album was already written at this point...ALS was at least partially written as far back as PG, maybe sooner. They already had a completed rhythym section back in 73, so it's reasonable to assume they wrote at least the rest of the instrumentals after the 73 tour. Page even says they worked on it for quite a while...it just wasnt recorded until Presence (which I would like to put on record here, is one of my top 3 Zep albums...I love this album). Robert's lyrics ar
  14. The DVD edited 25th can be discussed for, well, discussion purposes but it doesnt strictly count; I'm talking about REAL versions here... My favourite: 24th Runner-Up: 25th (unedited) I like the cleaned up DVD version better than either of these but it's not up for vote as it doesnt count as a real version.
  15. I have searched and searched for an in-era live version of this! All I've been able to get my hands on is the wacked version of it from their R&R hall of fame induction...what would be agood boot to grab with this on it?
  16. Hi everyone! I haven't been on here in awhile... No the "proper" version of NQ is on the original TSRTS Vinyl album The SIBLY versions on DVD and TSRTS are absolutely NOT the same...I refer you to Eddie Edwards
  17. Night Flight (Soundchecks don't count) Custard Pie Down By the Seaside Houses of the Holy Your Time is Gonna Come Tea For One D'Yer Mak'er (As a whole thing) For Your Life (Before O2) Good Times, Bad Times (Before O2) Candy Store Rock The Rover (As a whole thing) Carouselambra Living Loving Maid In the Light The Wanton Song (Played but ought have been played more frequently)
  18. The following comment will make me sound EXTREMELY dense, so forgive me for that. A- Where is the cut in NQ? B- If there is only one version, how do we know there is a cut?
  19. I love the version of TSRTS from this gig though. Robert's voice wouldn't allow him to go with his usual high approach, so he dropped everything down an octave. I'll tell ya, during the last verse he is on fire melodically: He turns the whole song into one long, lyrical hook.
  20. YEEEESSSS! March 19th, 1975 is my FAVORITE boot! And Trampled Underfoot from this show is one of the best performances ever! and yes, the song is quite loud already, even before, eh, "cranking it up!"
  21. Yes, I read somewhere that it was slowed down. But as the HOTH version is the accepted studio version, technically, the slowed down tuning of that version is standard. I mean, look at Rain Song: they always played that above the pitch of the album version when they did it live. So, despite the "original" tuning being the same as the live one, the accepted "standard" tuning would be the one on the album version. I'm not sure why they did it this way live, you'd think they would try to be a bit closer to the studio take.
  22. Bitchin' analysis, but I have one thing to add: Whenever the band did NQ live, they always played it one half-step higher than the album version on Houses. At the O2, they did it in the original ALBUM key, but lower than the original LIVE key. So, technically, it is in the original tuning, just not the live one we are all used to. Still an awesome list though.
  23. Never mind, people...I hadn't listened to it yet when I made this post...I have now, it's from 4.27.77 AKA "The Destroyer". Chuck this one out the window, I suppose... (P.S. johnthomasmoby, do you have any site reccomendations for me. If so, a PM is appreciated)
  24. Where would one go about getting this from? (PM) Well, I'm gonna work on it anyway, just for my own pleasure, and to finish what I started (note that I have been attempting to upload this for like four months, it's a matter of pride now!).
  25. Okay, here is the deal. I've just downloaded a 20 minute version of NQ from limewire. The only info it is tagged with (besides band name) is "very good, best I've heard live". Can anyone tell me what boot this is from?
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