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    music is my life, thats all i do is listen to music it calms me down whenever i need it. Zeppelin is the greatest band ever. I have every album, still trying to get the studio recordings though. but all and all Zeppelin is the best and my favorite song by them is "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You" that song represents me in alot of ways and where my life is right now, so add me if u feel the same about Zeppelin <br /> -and visit my youtube page the vidoes i picked shows my personalty-
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    1.Led Zeppelin





  2. yea where gonna need him soon, he should be back soon though
  3. well thats alright have u every watched the MLS ?
  4. yea i hate arsenal too so much, but yea i think chelsea has a chance idk theres rumors that drogba wont be there for long though so if we lose him its gonna hurt us
  5. lol my bad but i know what where your sayin about football in America here i hate, this country doesnt even understand that football in europe is the most played sport in the world and in the last world cup we didnt even care that are team made it, but its getting better
  6. Just wondering if anybody on here watches soccer ? i watch soccer from the premiere to la liga and international soccer so i just wanted to see if anybody wanted to talk soccer? Chelsea Fc best team ever
  7. hey just trying to get know people saw that u liked chuck norris and bob saget and i love those guys so comment me back-

  8. hey trying to get know somepoeple-comment me back if u want

  9. hey trying to get to know some people- comment me back if u would like too

  10. hey whats up just trying to get to know some people so comment me back

    if u want lol

  11. nice legos of Zeppelin

    where did get them?

  12. Just wondering if zeppelin is touring in the US ik me and my friends would go across the country just to see them one more time, so just wondering if people feel the same way i do and wondering if anybody knows if its true?
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