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  1. Sorry to say it, but I've always found Earls Court to be a dreadful, soul-less venue. Pretty much every other venue in London is better than this place (in my humble opinion). It's just got no vibe. I've seen a few bands there over the years and really enjoyed them all - but I just love live music. I've seen Pink Floyd a couple of times, The Eagles, BRITS 2008, etc. and also been there as an exhibitor a few times when the place was being used as it's other function. However, I really hope it's replaced with something worthwhile for Londoners to enjoy.
  2. I paid £1550 and I have no regrets at all. I'm only a regular working bloke, but it really was money well spent. It took me the best part of a year to pay it back, but you've got to chase your dreams sometimes (and have the permission of your wife).
  3. I've been to a few shows in the hope of a surprise appearance. You've got to make an educated guess sometimes. I went to Roy Harper's 60th birthday at the Royal Festival Hall, but it didn't happen. Fortunately Jimmy Page did turn up for Roy Harper's 70th at the same venue on November 5th 201, where they played The Same Old Rock together. A wonderful evening. Maybe Jimmy should have gone under the pseudonym S. Flavious Mercurius that night.
  4. See what Questrider said on the 9th post. It's still the reason why DVDs stutter about half way through. There are 2 layers on some DVDs and there is a momentary switch between them. There is DVD5 and DVD9 - single layer and dual layer. It might help to look at this: http://www.aimersoft.com/tutorial/dvd5-vs-dvd9.html I hope this helps folks.
  5. Here's a link to the Kashmir O2 video from Celebration Day: http://www.nme.com/news/led-zeppelin/66922 Enjoy folks
  6. Weymouth, on the south coast of the UK for the later showing on October 17th. Hammersmith Apollo for the UK premiere with Page, Plant & Jones on October 12th. I must admit that I originally typed in Hammersmith Odeon, because that's what I always remember it as. And it's the first place I ever saw any member of Led Zep - Jimmy Page on the Outrider tour.
  7. Just got my ticket to the premiere. It's going to be a good evening with the three main men there too.
  8. What a fantastic woman Mica is. It's so nice to hear about good people in the world.
  9. I managed to get one of these Mystic East '98 tour itineraries at a record fair about a year after these shows. It's quite interesting to see the stuff inside: Distance between shows, band hotels, crew hotels, onstage times, promoter details, etc. It's also signed by Jimmy (which is a bonus).
  10. I had to laugh when I read this stuff Ronnie Wood said during a recent interview. http://www.nme.com/n...ng-stones/61960 I've no reason to disbelieve him, but I like his humour. Not interested in joining the fledgeling Led Zep as he thought they were a "Bunch of farmers".
  11. Got to keep the lineage pure. If a chain of people convert their lossless original to mp3, then to some other format, then the next person converts it back to mp3, then the next person converts it to some other lossy format, etc., etc....... Eventually the quality will seriously degrade among the many thousands of potential users in a chain. That's why mp3s are fine for personal use, but all trading is best done in a lossless format (.flac, .SHN, or.ape). All files remain the same quality as the original, regardless of how many generations down the line you receive your music. Well, that
  12. Hey folks, thanks for the clues. I've got it now. Ta very much
  13. I'm rubbish at acronyms, so can you give us a clue please? But only a small clue, or I can't have my fun.
  14. Never use furniture polish on nitrocellulose lacquer. It couls seriously soften the lacquer. I learnt the hard way and made that mistake on a Gibson SG Custom many years ago. It did me a favour really, as I traded the SG in for my dream guitar - a honeyburst Gibson Les Paul Standard (which I clean with proper guitar product). How about going to your local guitar store and see what they recommend.
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