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  1. Megadeth - United Abominations. I went off them after about Risk - but I'm taking the kid to see them next month so I thought I'd better listen to the latest one. Just putting it on now.
  2. Major, major Sabbath fan! I prefer the Tony Iommi years!!!!!
  3. My second fave band. I put Argus very firmly in my top ten albume ever - by anyone - list!
  4. There's at least 4 songs on that list I positively HATE! My Zeppelin picks might have included Kashmir, In My Time Of Dying, In The Light, Battle Of Evermore, a few from Zep III, For Your Life, Sick Again....etc. .....but certainly none of those on that list! And I'd have a few Sabbath / Purple / Wishbone / Rainbow songs in there. Certainly not AC/DC !!!!!!!!
  5. Yep...I managed to get one of Bill Ward's from the Sabbath Reunion Birmingham NEC 1997 as did several other people...he threw out a few and his drum tech gave out a few after the show and they were all WELL used!
  6. Errrr.....no! We call it football! You know...the game that's played with FEET (not hands!) Errrr.....no they're not...they're a bunch of johnny come lately prima donna posing w*nkers....the UK's equivalent of the Dallas Cryboys. Sunderland 'til I die !!!!!!!
  7. I could understand Sabbath and Metallica...or Zeppelin and Sabbath....or Zeppelin and Purple / Wishbone Ash / Heep etc. etc. Even Zeppelin and Tool or Rush.... But Zeppelin and Metallica ??? Just don't see the connection. The 70s rock legends (who even then tried to distance themselves from "heavy metal" bands like Sabbath) with the 80s/90s thrash metal band whose creative star burned out 10+ years ago???
  8. I thought the sound was pretty good - apart from the first couple of numbers. I was seated at the side of the stage (JPJ's side) quite high up.
  9. First post. Well I am a big fan of Black Sabbath (first and foremost) and Zeppelin of course, and I promised myself if I got a ticket to the O2 I would get a Zeppelin tattoo so...here it is. Of course I had to get (another) Sabbath one at the same time!
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