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  1. This one is awesome too.Thankyou!
  2. Wow, I love it.I'm using it as my wallpaper too. Great job, man.
  3. Well not much!...you're personal photo is very cute =D

  4. Noora, I love what you're wearing and I think you're very pretty.
  5. Hey! thanks, I made it. Hello, Richard!...No ofcourse not,I've posted a few pictures before this too!
  6. Hello there, Vannis!

  7. A pic I took with my new phone....
  8. Ohh Robert?

    Thanks...in love with that pic...ohh gaaawwd *sigh*

  9. minelle

    Bonzo's smile...

    ^ Hey, I love that one with Jason! Another one...
  10. I've set this as my desktop!
  11. That's great!

    Thanks alot, again =D

  12. What an amazingly sexy picture.
  13. minelle


    Thanks, guys so much. I don't know if I can discuss it with my parents.I'm not very close with either of them and they would probably tell me to be more like my brother or concentrate on school more to forget about this nonsense. I definitely have good friends but I've never talked to em about this.I mean, they're never depressed or anything.I don't think they could relate.It's great that I can talk to people here who are going through basically the same thing and I'm glad I decided to post all this here.I think I'm gonna come here more often now Anyway, I guess I feel better. The Bomber, thankyou so much!! I loved reading what you wrote and you seriously made me feel soooo much more relaxed. Gina, fenix, VG, It makes me happy to know you care. Yeah, they are.Most of my friends absolutely love Zep and any type of classic rock. There's a local radio station that plays classic rock for 2 hours every Friday night including lots of Led Zeppelin.I think I'm gonna tune in tonight!
  14. minelle


    I know people would say a 15 year old doesn't have anything to worry about. I think I'm going through depression and I've lost 11 pounds.My mom thinks it's because I joined the throw ball team but she doesn't know that I'm a substitute and never really play.She also doesn't know I've lost 11 whole pounds.I'm losing interest in everything and I rarely come here to post.I feel like crying all the time.I never feel like staying at home in the evenings because the dim lighting in my house depresses me.It's been a while since I laughed hard or listened to Zep. I'm not saying this because I want attention or sympathy or anything, it's really true.
  15. Do It Again - Steely Dan. Aaah what a song, what a song...
  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANDY!! :yay: :yay: :yay:
  17. Oh, I remember when he was born! He's changed alot since then...hehe too cute.
  18. Awww...Rich, I loooove your new avi.And I love ya too! =]

  19. minelle

    Roberts Jeans

    Whoa, gorgeous. !!
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