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  1. finally got around to watching The Wire, shame I am nearly done with it, as its awesome. Really love Boardwalk Empire - great acting, great story line, beautifully shot Don't mind Blue Bloods - not super addictive but a difference from the other cop bullshit that's been on recently. Finally - not watching yet, but will get onto it as soon as the last few episodes of the wire are done - The Falling, the BBC Series. No idea really but got highly reommended by friends
  2. she's apparetnly good mates though with Plant and he was the one who told her to dump Pete Doherty and sort her act out....I can see Plant being something of a spriitual father figure to those lost young souls (he was in the same boat many many years ago), so why not. Not a full Zep gig, but a few tunes from Plant are definitely not so far out as some might think....he even played at my wedding (via the CD player in the corner i must admit)
  3. nothing much happened to music itself. like in every decade there is great music that will be heard in decades to come, there is good music that will last the decade, there is average music that will last the month, and there is shit music that shouldn't even last the song. i think what has happened is the demise of radio as a medium to the masses. of course there are now 100s more radio stations than back in the day but there is a lot more niches now that each station focus on. while back then propably at least a few main stations played the now so called classic rock contingent, this has now been shafted into the corner to smaller stations like Planet Rock in the UK. The big stations BBC 1-7 etc stay well away from that sort of music and cater to the wider populus. Cheap and nasty pop music is the order of the day, spiced up with the odd classic. Also the name radio DJ doesn't really apply this much anymore these days. A friend of mine is a dj on a popular austrian radio station and he has no input into the playlist whatsoever. he presses play and then tries to avoid to throw up for the next few minutes. I was only born in 74 so not sure if my assumptions of the old days are 100 % correct, but while I don't buy into that crap that the music these days is all bad while back then it was all good, i definitely believe that a shift in radio culture and things like MTVs move from a proper music channel (with 120 minutes, headbangers ball, the unplugged series etc) to a pile of shit had a much more defining effect on the notion. for most of the time i am musically stuck in the 60-70ies, simply because i love the music, but there are so many new artists out there that deserve our attention, so press pause on that zeppelin bootleg and give your ears a bit of a refresher....you'll be surprised
  4. i know a guy who got a zep tattoo and its mispelled...idiots - both him for not noticing until it was more or less too late and the tattoo "artist" for just being an idiot. i would sue the fu..r
  5. don't know if you can get it outside the uk, but planet rock is my station of choice and has been for a while. they play a good mix of the classics but also stuff from the wider catalogue of classic rock's finest....www.planetrock.com
  6. Zeppelin shaped deco is hard to come by some you can either spend a lot of money and buy up any of the inflatable promo-zeps you can find and other model zeppelins or just get busy yourself making them out of paper etc. I had a touch of Zeppelin at my wedding in the form of 2 songs at the registry and a Zeppelin shaped Sachercake, but never really came across zeppelin shaped theming items....good luck, sounds like a good party
  7. i was born in austria, and started to learn english from 9. in high school i added italian to the mix which learned for 5 years. then at uni, i couldn't do italian and took on spanish for a few years which resulted in me being shit in both languages. when i am in italy i speak spanish and vice versa. i get around in both languages but nothing to write home about. i studied partly in austria, partly in the uk, and have now lived here for over a decade. Because Austrian German can be quite different to proper German (the spoken word that is, reading and writing is the same), my parents didn't make me speak high german and the teachers didn't push it either (some do, some don't), quite soon i felt more comfortable to speak english than german. being my mother tongue of course i am fluent in it, but it's so much more complex as a language, because people are anal about grammar etc, while with english it's a lot more relaxed. When i deal with german speaking clients, my name usually gives it away that they can talk german to me, and i really struggle sometimes to express myself properly. words often pop into my head and the whole thought process is taking a lot longer than speaking in english. e-mails as well take up a lot more time, as a 100-word english e-mail probably turns into a 200-word german one... Finally i did 6-months of French, but gave up as the teacher was a right old cow. we had students from all over the world and despite me being much better than some of the Korean students i had in my class, she gave them better or the same grades because "for them it's a lot harder to learn". I argued with her, but as soon as this turned out to be pointless, i used all my "French" and that was that...
  8. finally got my shit together and started booking tickets for my next gigs.... first up english folk legends The Men they couldn't hang then The Pretty Things followed by Roger Waters then Glastonbury and to round things off for now The Black Crowes in July... 2nd half of the year to be decided soon. bring it on
  9. i had it at my wedding ceremony together with thank you.....stunningly beautiful
  10. dld the album recently for my wife, gave it a listen and was really impressed. none of that manufactured pop shit, just a truly beautiful voice and a great talent...check this out from the recent Brit Awards....pure emotion, just would music should be no matter if it rocks all the way to 11 or gentle as this...
  11. those lists are always a bit iffy but this one is taking the piss. Motley Crue, The Cars, Green Day....ROFL Where is Sabbath, Floyd, The Who, Deep Purple, Metallica and about hundreds of others ahead....the list should be renamed The worst attempt at the Top 10 Rock Bands of all Time...
  12. Europe 73 is my favorite, they are right at the limit between early days rawness and latter days superstardom amazingness.....
  13. PS3 all the way.... Rock or Roll?
  14. I absolutely loved both and it's virtually impossible to pick a favorite. Before Raising Sand I never listened to Bluegrass or Americana knowingly. I might have picked up the odd track on the radio but that was it. The album was just pure musical beauty and seeing the whole thing live was simply outstanding. the fantastic musicianship on display, the cheekiness of it and some great voices having a ball. You could tell how much fun Robert had and that continued into his next project. I guess the BOJ comes out slightly on top as i was privileged to see them in that church in mayfair in front of 300 people. That was just one of those magical moments and probably helped swing it. I saw them also the next day at the Forum and then at the Roundhouse for the Electric Proms, and on all 3 occassions i was just overwhelmed with joy. The songs were great, the Zeppelin remakes ranged from phenomenal to interesting, Buddy Miller and Darrell Scott are magicians of their instruments and the whole vibe was incredible. What both projects showed clearly is that when you take a pool of talent, add some flavour and a few laughs it will always come good. Some might not like that " redneck hillbilly shit" and want Robert to only do "proper music" until he rocks in his rocking chair or rolls in a wheel chair. I much rather have this incredibly talented hero of mine, do what he likes and enjoy the right....so to answer the questions it's BOJ but only just, as Raising Sand was an equally rewarding album both for the artists and fans.
  15. any serious music lover who doesn't love/appreciate the genius of classical music is insane. People keep arguing about who the first rock star was - Elvis, Little Richard etc.....give me a break. People like Mozart and Paganini were going mental hundreds of years before that.... I love classical music and listen to it regularly...being austrian i was obviously at source for much of it (although a few years later) and things like the New Years Concert are part of my heritage and a fixture of my Jan 1st routine no matter where in the world I am....
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