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  1. I hate dragon breath and idiot dragons
  2. Caught Van Halen last night in Texas. They can still rock. Alex Van Halen`s drum solo was the hightlight. Eddie was a little subdued and seemed content to play and do backing vocals. He didn`t change guitars all night and played very few blistering solos. The only disappointment. He also didn`t smoke ONE cigarettee all night. The first time I saw them in 1980 he a butt hanging from his lip the entire show. Also he was jacked through his amp while Wolfie was cordless. WOLFIE was OK but his bass dominated the sound. Drowned out just about eveything else. DLR. Was a cheese bal
  3. 1. Winchester Cathedral-The New Vaudeville Band (BTW whose manager was Peter Grant) 2. Gimme Dat Ding-The Pipkins 3. Three Dog Night
  4. I am the real aforementioned.

    I do not endorse this theft of my identy.

  5. Dusseldork

    G.O.A.T. game

    Other Roberto Clemente Greatest battle ever fought?
  6. Then don`t hang yourself with the celibate rope.
  7. Wham Spice Girls N-Sync-They stink! Los Del Rio-Macarena Jefferson Starship The Bee Gees-Neo Tiny Tim falsetto.
  8. Don`t Dream Its Over~Crowded House Life Without You~SRV
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